Pianoteq Licence ans others issues

I recently buy and download Pianoteq Standard.
When I try to activate my licence via webconf, I experimented a issue :

Pianoteq Action Failed: Command ‘/zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6/pianoteq --activate XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX’ returned non-zero exit status 2.

I succeed to activate my licence via VNC and Pianoteq 7 lv2 plugin, but i think it’s little bit too difficult, and to cannot activate it via webconf it’s a problem.

Also, in the zynthian wiki, it says :

After installation, you will see the Pianoteq presets list divided into two sections: instruments you have activated appear first, followed by other instruments which you can still use with the same demo restrictions as before.

In my case, it is not happen, I still have one section, not divided. Activated instruments and restricted instruments are mixed in the same section. I cannot see clearly where is my activated instruments.

Edit : I buy the standard edition to be able to morph some instruments together, but in the Synth Engine, the Morph Bank not appears, i could’nt find my morphed instruments, i need to use LV2 plugin with VNC to select them, and save preset to view it in my zynthian, but It’s OK !"

Edit 2: Using the LV2 engine instead of the Standalone is clearly easier for deep use.
What is the main difference between Standalone and LV2 in terms of performance?

If we use the LV2 version of Pianoteq instead, it would be nice to correctly rename the control settings pages, instead of “Ctrls#1, Ctrls#2, etc…”

Recently i deeply use Zynthian with pianoteq and all the new features, It’s becoming a beast !

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