Pianoteq on snapshot

Always me with my weird questions… :thinking:
I created two snapshots:
In the Acoustic snapshot I use (besides others) Stainway model D jazz, while on Elektrik I use “electric” instruments and in particular the MKI Rhodes (again Pianoteq 8)
When I go from the first snapshot to the second, the Pianoteq sound doesn’t work, while if I go back to the first one the piano works. I know that two sounds at the same time with Pianoteq can’t be used, but being in two different snapshots, shouldn’t they work?
Thanks for any info.

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I do that all the time and always works :slight_smile:

You should create a chain with the Pianoteq engine and create different ZS3 snapshots, saved and restored to a MIDI Program Change, for the different Pianoteq instruments that you want to play.

Tell me if you need any help!

Absolutely yes Pau…
If you can make a list of actions I would be grateful
I’ve been playing for years but Midi is something I’m learning now with the Zynthian.


I would recommend using zs3 for program changes within pianoteq


I Thank you… but unfortunately I don’t know how to do it and my Googleian English doesn’t help to understand the manual…

You can read it here.

I’ll try to be very schematic:

  1. Make a list of all the Pianoteq instruments you want to frequently use.
  2. Create a chain with the Pianoteq engine
    2.1 Select the first instrument
    2.2 Adjust the params
    2.3 Assign the instrument to a MIDI Program Change number (it’s called MIDI learn, you save all the parameters of the selected instrument and you will recall them with a button that sends this Program Change number)
    Repeat from 2.1 for all the instruments you want to learn
  3. Save all the configuration in a snapshot (saves all the chains)

You can repeat this procedure with all the engines that you need.

Usually you should not add engines more than once as they use resources (RAM and CPU). Of course there are exceptions, i.e. if you use multitimbral mode and play several chains simultaneously, but I’d call this advanced use.

I hope that it helps you a little bit :slight_smile:

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Thanks Pau.

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