Pianoteq question - licence for DAW and Zynthian

Hi there.

Does anyone know if I can use the same licence for Pianoteq in my Daw and for Zynthian?

Or would I have to buy two licences?

Found the answer!

May I install Pianoteq on more than one computer?

Yes, you may install it on up to 3 computers of your own. You are not bound to any specific operating system, thus you may install e.g. a Windows version on the first computer, MacOS on the second and Linux on the third.



Indeed their licencing seems quite fair. You can use a single license on several devices so you could use it on a couple of Zynthians and in a DAW. I haven’t read anything about concurrent use so assume you can use all three simultaneously which is even better. Little like buying three instruments for the price of one. This is on my Christmas list.

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Yes, you can use Pianoteq on 3 different devices at the same time, and with different OS… You just have to register your device on Pianoteq’s web page…
You can even decide to un-register one device, and register a new one…
But, once you un-register a device, you cannot register it again…
Or yes, it is still possible, but you would have to write a mail to Modartt explaining why you canceled the registrationn and why you would want to register again…

Also, registering/unregistering, is done by connecting to the web site using the specific device which you want to register… this means that if you have no more access to this specific device (it’s dead, or stolen, or no more connected), un- registering it is not directly possible, and then only a mail to Modartt could solve the problem…

All this also means that, in case Modartt would stop all activities, then you would no more be able to install Pianoteq on any new device…

Long live to open-sources and freewares…

Have a nice day…

PS/ Edit… all this is also true for the extra pianos that you might have bought from them…

Mordatt have committed to unlocking licences if they cease trading. I prefer open source and have fewer licencing issues with open source software (Microsoft licencing can be a pig) but appreciate it can be challenging to protect IP and grow / sustain a business hence understand the advantage of proprietary licencing. It is not evil and Mordatt seem like good guys. I am almost ready to give them my money for a very good piece of software, something I (very) rarely do.


Yes sure… and after all, when you were buying a Roland D50, you could not install its software on any other synth… once it was dead, lost, dumb, you would lose the soft as well…

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Thanks for the replies guys. I can always count on this forum.

This had probably been discussed a thousand times but the fact that this is physically modelled, no samples is aaaaamaaaazing. I hadn’t realized that before.


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You can always chuck us a :face_with_monocle: as recompense…

Will do

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Blatantly cheating, this is from my DAW not Zynthian. But Pianoteq nonetheless.



I get goose bumps every time I think about this … and I can’t stop repeating it one more time … Pianoteq, although it’s not free, is one of the most amazing music software I know! :wink:

Someday, perhaps, when zynthian conquer the world … we could lauch a crowd funding campaign for buying the company and free the source code … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



The fact that you can get ghost notes to resonate is wild. Pressing down a note without striking a note and then striking another note and listen to the open strings resonate.


There are very few bits of software I am willing to pay for. This may be one of them… Well, maybe I will let Santa gift me a copy. I have been tinkering with my upright acoustic piano and am amazed at how complex the mechanics of a piano keyboard are. The differences you get from pressing and releasing keys fully or partially with different pressures and inertia and the interaction between different keys, dampers, etc. is extraordinary. Pianoteq captures much of this. I am yet to compare the two side by side but will do soon.


One question

There are two instances of Pianoteq in me synth layers list.

One that gives me the option to choose instruments but no parameters.

The other one gives me no options of choosing instruments but a lot of juicy parameters.

Why is this?

PT is Pianoteq full app launched by Zynthian.
JV is LV2 plugin version of Pianoteq hosted by Zynthian’s plugin host, JALV.

The first one is the “standalone” binary, integrated as a specific zynthian engine. It can load presets and quickly-change them. The problem is we don’t have access to filter parameters easily.

The second one is the LV2 plugin, that is loaded by the generic LV2-loader (Jalv). We have access to all internal parameters exposed by the LV2 plugin, but preset loading is not implemented yet. We have to work on it …


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Ok that explains.


I’ve seen it… treated doesn’t even begin to cover it …

The demo sounds suuuuper nice, but man that price is making my eyes water… Well if I want the unnerfed full version. Though I could probably live with the stage one.

Ima thinking getting the Steinway and the Yamaha one (I have a Clavinova, and I am rather fond of its sound) , and then maybe adding in the electric piano pack.

Do they ever do discounts to upgrade to the full?

Its a bit of a tragedy the worlds moved away from physical modelling. About a decade ago a LOT of vst type plugs where physical modelled and honestly some of them where straight up better than the usual Kontakt libraries doing the rounds now, especially with brass (There where some AMAZING sax’s, an instrument that tends to defy sampling, and they just aint available no more)