Pianoteq Stage or Standard for Zynthian v4

Hi! I intend to buy Pianoteq. Stage is 129 € and Standard is 174,30 € at the moment. Which version is the best for the Zynthian v4? I’m new to the Zynthian project and also to music software. At the moment a use an old rompler for piano sounds. Thanks!

Hi, welcome to the forum and to the world of zynthian :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I, for one, have stage and am totally happy with it. There is plenty of effects you can add and adjust and even in stage version, you can modify and tweak parameters, like detuning to simulate worn out strings, different pedals, equalizer etc. Performance is superb, didn’t notice any limitations. In order to modify the presets, connect to your zynthian via ssh command / putty with any computer and have the native pianoteq gui displayed on it. Ethernet cable connection is recommended. Modified piano sounds can be saved and appear in the preset list on the zynthian display. Really nice.
I’d expect the standard version needs the same CPU power as the stage version. Both do full physical simulation of piano strings, just with the difference that standard or even pro version let you adjust more parameters of the model. The underlying simulation model however is the same (as I understand it from the specs).
Maybe this thread over on modartt is of interest: https://forum.modartt.com/viewtopic.php?id=5231
So your choice mostly depends on what you want to do with it. Performance should be the same. I’d go for stage version and spend the saved money on additional piano packs :wink:

You get two instrument packs with Stage and three with Standard. Packs are €49 each and the difference between Stage and Standard is €45* so you are actually better off buying Standard than Stage +one pack and you get more features. If you don’t need the extra features like mic positioning then Stage is fine.

*Cost based on current she price which ends 15th August.