PianoTeq Standard support


Thanks to Ferdando’s help I managed to install PianoTeq Standard (not just Stage).

Here’s what I did (should apply to Stage as well, I don’t know about Pro)

  1. Update Zynthian

  2. Upload PianoTeq’s binary (pianoteq_linux_v630.7z in my case) via
    the web interface (http://zynthian.local/api/sw-pianoteq)

  3. Reboot Zynthian, connect to it via ssh -Y root@zynthian.local

  4. Start PianoTeq Standard via Zynthian. It appears on the computer
    screen. Register via the PianoTeq GUI on my computer (using manual
    registration, copy/pasting the key).

  5. Close PianoTeq from the GUI, not from Zynthian (I don’t know why,
    but Ferdando told me to do it this way in order to get the presets
    of the registered instruments no longer categorized as DEMO).

  6. Go back to the web interface and press the Update Preset button

Et voila!

It works like a charm, however I have still 2 minor problems:

  1. Except for the first preset, one needs to click on the preset to
    load it, as opposed to just selecting it and playing some notes on
    the keyboard.

  2. Once inside the preset the sustain pedal only shows an on/off
    state. However PianoTeq supports multiple levels of sustain (0 to
    127) so does my sustain pedal. I can hear that PianoTeq registers
    the varying sustain levels, however the interface only shows

Regarding the second problem Ferdando actually has written a fix that
I haven’t tested yet, here it is, quoting Ferando

It’s implemented in the “touchless-midilearn” branch of zynthian-ui

You can test it like this:

cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui
git fetch
git checkout .
git checkout touchless-midilearn

Hope it helps and that I didn’t pack too many things in the same thread.


This worked for me, thanks so much!