Pianoteq video contest 2021


Hello fellow zynthianers !

Especially those, who have invested in Pianoteq license like myself. This is annual video contest from Modartt and they give 20 euros to every contestant. But also you might win one of the top prizes.

Might be worth your time !

p.s. deadline is Nov 7th


That is my humble effort for this contest. Recorded not via zynthian, but can be easily reproduced on it. Just was more convenient to capture the interface of Pianoteq. “HB Steinway D Felt I” is used as the basis of this timbre with heavy tweaking for my needs.

Zynthian is mentioned in commentary everywhere.


Happy to say, that my video has won the 1-st prize of Modartt Pianoteq contest this year.
Now I have to finish two other zynthians I have started to build because there is an extra license.

Go Team Zynthian !!! :partying_face:


Wow!!! :star_struck:

Congratulations!!! That’s fantastic - good job!!!


@C0d3man, Holger - generous compliments, much appreciated !

That is all possible because of zynthian and you all, dear friends !

When my first (and still active) zynth was built I at first was a bit greedy to invest in Pianoteq :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:, and even wasn’t very much satisfied with the presets. Later, when temptation became strong, I’ve got the Standard license and … after some time all has changed, when I’ve calibrated velocities for all midi keyboards and made my own presets. Till now it is the best solution as not the acoustic grand piano for me. Period !

All that might not happend without @jofemodo and all our zynthian community - I might never have made this video and wone this contest. The chain of events that might never exist :slight_smile:

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Very impressive! There were many entries and your 1st prize is well deserved, congratulations.

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Well done mate! This does deserve its winning place. The composition is beautiful with a wonderful range and variation. As a short musical piece it makes perfect listening. Easy to fit into a busy day and calms the soul. The playing is lovely with a nice emotional feel. I applaud your multiple skills. The piece brilliantly demonstrates the excellence of the instrument too. Modartt have no doubt benefited from this great promotional advert for their product.


Congratulations. I’m so happy for you.
Is it just the “pure inspiration of the moment” or is it composed ?

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It’s 60% prepared and 40% live impro. Recorded in one take as there were 5 takes were I’ve made mistakes or wasn’t satisfied with the “flow of music”. For me the feelings and the “story” in music are everything — much more important than technical side, so if the mood is right, I can close my eyes on some minor mistakes.

Thanks for congratulations @le51 !

@riban, I did my best at the moment. And precomposed part of the piece was making me tired, I’ve needed to release it, make it go to go further for next ideas.

Thank you for these warm and generous compliments — they are great support !

I’ve wrote some nice words to Modartt team and they have replied in a good manner, inviting me (and everyone else) to take part in next years competition. I also feel, this small video really shows Pianoteq from the brightest side.

BTW, I used the prize to get Pro license and it is great to try 192Khz mode and to be able to edit extra parameters but in my opinion, Standard license is enough for the most needs of live performance. It has enough freedom for tweaking and editing. Have tried Blüthner piano — it is good, has some sweet touch.

This is my personal chart among the piano models:

  1. Steinway D (NY, HB and D4V4, all are good)
  2. Bechstein
  3. Blüthner
  4. Steingraeber

And electric pianos of course. Didn’t like everything else for my needs yet.


Wonderful composition and absolutely beautifully performed. I love the Steinway D in Pianoteq also very much. It sounds amazing and I think about buying a licence.

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@Lumm, I am happy you like my video ! :pray:

Stage version has velocity curve (for fine tuning for your midi hardware) and some editing, enough for most of basic needs. If you purchase it with Steinway D, Modartt’s D4v4 goes for free (and it is also good in certain cases). Just get electric pianos if you like them and you are packed. Even with all the limitations — Stage version worth every penny. But Standard gives more freedom.

With one license you can install it on 3 separate computers.