Pianotex 6.2.1 installation seems to have failed


Problem - The licensed pianoteq doesn’t respond to midi. The demo did respond to midi.

Complication - I am using a usb to midi device for input as the onboard midi doesn’t function (light flickers on notes), the midi out does function. This is working for everything else on the system. This is a recently purchased Zynthian Bundle All Alu-case Kit pre-built v2.

I used the web ui to install pianoteq stage.

Suggestion - suggest navigation to the *.7z from the beginning, it’s very confusing what the ui wants at first.

Suggestion - put more of the whole process written out earlier in the flow or in the wiki at least. The additional information presented to the user is hidden and goes away after you’re beyond each step.

I successfully installed the new binaries and the license through the webui and the X forwarding steps.

The pianoteq ui comes up on my remote machine and I can configure it.

Problem- it no longer responds to midi whatsoever. The midi ui for pianoteq never sees notedowns etc.

Problem - The pianoteq instrument list in zynthian is static? Editing the instrument list in the pianoteq ui ie removing demo instruments and having added the brand new Steingraeber, is not reflected in the zynthian ui.

Midi still responds normally for other applications like setBfree.


Some additional notes -

Pianoteq X11 ui can output audio via Devices/Device/Test and via the demo midi file in the main X11 ui.

Pianoteq X11 sees “Midi Through Port-0” and “USB MIDI Interface MIDI 1” and is set to “Listen to all MIDI Inputs”.


Added a bug with a fix https://github.com/zynthian/zynthian-ui/issues/41


Also the new Steingraeber didn’t show up so bugged with a fix -