Pimoroni pHat DAC useable

Hi Folks,

if there anybody who used the Pimoroni pHAT DAC sound card. It is inexpensive and easy to get in Germany. The missing pins can added by an long pin connector.



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Hi @Roman

the pHAT DAC seems to be a PCM5102A DAC, which should run with the driver “HifiBerry DAC+ light”

Thread and pinout: see Cheap PCM5102a board working

I have two of those cheap PCM5102a boards, too - currently untested…

Hth, Holger

I’ve been using the pHAT DAC with Zynthian on a rpi3 with 7" touch screen for months now, no problems.

Narrows eyes…

Have we seen sounds and vision of this machine …? :smiley:

could you contribute here?

Especially the amixer output is of interest.

I have not posted info as I was going to wait until I turn it into something unique. I’ve been using a Novation 61SL MkII midi keyboard with it (usb midi output to a rpi3 USB port. I usually run the audio out from the mini headphone jack on the pHAT DAC to headphones or a set of M-Audio monitors. I hope to record some video to share in the future when time allows.


what kind of output do you get thru that 3.5mm? Cant seem to find anything online about it. I presume its not “ampy”?

It will drive headphones, but you will need amplified speakers or an external amplifier to drive loud speakers.

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