Pinout HifiBerry DAC+ADC STAGE


does anyone have an actual pinout from the HifiBerry DAC+ADC STAGE Board from the connectors J1, J3, P3 and P5?


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Never seen one myself… But interesting .

The not available to end-users , maybe moves it into a different sphere. . .

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  • J1 is the most interesting for us and fortunately, i have the full spec from HB:

  • P3 is a power pair (+5V, GND).
  • P5 is a “not-balanced” audio output, as labeled on the PCB. The other pins are power (+5V and GND). Very similar to her little sister “ADC-PRO”:

Perhaps the 2 extra pins on P5 are the balanced pair … i have not tested yet.

And finally, J3 … that remains a mystery. I bet that is some kind of digital audio-output. Something you could connect to a SPDIF codec, but this is highly speculative. Perhaps i should ask Daniel, from HB …


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Hey ,thanks for the Infos :slight_smile: :+1: