PiScreen issue



I just built the official v2 kit and I’m having some issues with the display

It looks like this

Faded, heavily interlaced and overall just weird. If I turn the select encoder, the display changes a bit (the orange lines move) so there is a connection at some level to it. :slight_smile:

I have tried the display with two raspberry pi’s, two different psu:s, with and without the All-In-One PCB, and also connecting with plain jumper wires but it always looks like that.

Encoders and the audio outputs work fine and the zynthian is perfectly usable if i use my computer screen through hdmi.

Tested with latest software

I saw this thread but trying out the suggestions there did not help

So, a broken display?


Hi @juho!

Yes, it seems that your display is broken. Please, send me the display and the ribbon bus cable using the standard postal service. It’s the cheapest way. I will send you a new one right now :wink:

Kind Regards,


Sure, will send it ASAP. Thanks!


One little surprise for me, I have my hand made all in one board going to the auxiliary GPIO connector on the PiScreen, took a while to discover that 1line I needed didn’t pass through screeb’s PCB.


Could you be more verbose? What pin is it? Could you give more details? If it’s a bug in the display PCB, i would like to inform OzzMaker …