Pitch bend via touch screen to outboard gear?

Hi folks, I’m trying to figure out how to use the zynthian as a midi effects processor for my synth. My synth lacks pitch bend so I’d like to configure the XY touch screen on the zynthian to work as a pitch bend ribbon. I can think of a weird workaround but what is the most direct way of doing this? Thanks!

You assign it per instrument:

XY acts on instrument parameters. I don’t think it can be sent to external devices.

You may be able to do this by adding a MIDI chain with a midi pitchbend parameter - I haven’t looked at whether there is one.

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This could be a funny MIDI tool: an engine, LV2 or standalone, that allows using the zynthian’s physical UI (aka encoders + touch screen) as a MIDI controller. It should allow to map CC to pitch bending and channel press. The simpler approach could be simply showing all the 127 x CCs + pitch bending + channel press = 129 / 4 = 33 pages of controllers. Of course we could think of better ways of doing it. For instance, we could have a config page for configuring the 4 controllers and a control page for “using” the configured controllers.
Wishful thinking :relaxed: