Planning Zynthian @ MakerFaire Berlin, 17-19th May 2019


Hi Zynthianiacs,

we (my good friend Lars and I) want to take part at the next Maker Faire Berlin at 17th-19th May 2019. The location will be the same as last year, the FEZ / (Location on OpenStreetMap) (this is not the Station as the years before 2018!). We will try to work together with other guys from the last Maker-Faires to create a more complex and cross-project setup.

MFB starts at Friday (schools day only from 9:00-13:00) and open days are on Saturday and Sunday (9:00-18:00). Therefore it would have to be set up on Thursday and the dismantling would take place on Sunday evening.

Of course we plan to show mainly Zynthian, but also to integrate other OpenHardware/OpenSource projects like OpenTheremin (as MIDI controller for Zynthian), MicroDexed (as platform for all possible MIDI/Synth projects) and possibly own MIDI controllers (drum pads, Beat-707, Arpie, …). More ideas are welcome!

Who wants to participate? We can probably register up to 5 supervisors, so that a maximum of 3 places would be available.

Regards, Holger


We’re still waiting for you in Italy :wink:


I’d really like to introduce Zynthian and other great ideas for making music all over the world (and of course in Italy!), but unfortunately I have to make sure that there’s always enough beer in the fridge and therefore have to do other, more boring things. :cry:


LOL… a relatable problem :wink:


Ohhh! I dream with going to the Soundmit …
Perhaps next year is a good year for applying for a Zynthian Stand at Soundmit, @Axeman!!



Sounds fun, count me in if you can . . .