Play audio sample in real time



I would like to play a wav audio file from a command line. I want the file to be played in real time, when the command is triggered (can be triggered by midi or by a script).

I was messing around with ecasound to play a file (interactive mode to get real time), but one of the package dependencies causes a conflict with MOD-UI (jack_load returns an error).

I have seen that samplV1 LV2 plug-in can achieve this but I could not find a way to specify the file I want to use in MOD-UI.

Has anybody tried something like this ?



Hi @claudev!

I’ve plans to implement “MIDI-triggered commands” in the MIDI router rule language. Something like:

TRIG CH#1 NOTEON#24 => jack_play myfile.wav

but currently it’s not implemented yet, so you have to use a different approach.

In the other hand, samplv1 is a good “old-school” sampler. For using it, you should prepare a “preset” using its GUI: login into your Zynthian Box with “ssh -Y” from a computer running X-Windows, run the samplv1 standalone binary (samplv1_jack), prepare your preset with your samples and save it. I never tried to load the presets in the LV2 version, but you probably have to do some work with it :wink:

I hope this helps you …

Kind Regards!


For MOD-UI/LV2 this can be done (IMHO), but you have to code it by yourself. I had nearly the same problem asked in the MOD forum:

The answer is:
There is a way to choose a (preconfigured) filename (perhaps inside a preset) and let the LV2 plugin play this file (rdfs:range atom:Path). I never tried it - nor tried to create a simple sample player. But I think that’s the way to do it in MOD-UI/LV2.

Regards, Holger


Thank you guys for those info.

Dealing with the preset seems to be a nice workaround !
Using SamplV1 stand alone is also a good solution but it means that we have to make the proper midi/audio connexions manually.

I actually ended up making a gig file with the samples I wanted :). I is quite easy to do with gigedit tool.



I think you take the right way :wink:
Using SF2 and polyphone also would be OK. But using SFZ and a text editor would be my favorite :wink:

BTW, have you tasted the LS instrument script language? Take a look to this:

and this:

It’s the LS equivalent of the KSP (Kontact Script Processor) and it brings to SFZ and GIG instruments the possibility of programming instrument-specific features. It’s a really new feature and i’ve not seen any SounfFont using it … yet …