"Play Grid"

I was thinking if it’s possible to add an adjustable playing grid for people with a bigger multitouch screen (5,7,10 inch). Going by the Sequencer Pad Grid, I found 6x6=36 and even 7x7=49 keys to be still nice:

If the width for the cells grid would be a bit more squared, on right side there could be still space for some options like easy transpose the grid an octave up or down.
To make orientation easier, every “C” cell could be colored, like Ableton Push does it with their pads:

That could make some HW devices with zynthian quite useful, even without an additional midi keyboard or computer attached.

You can set the grid size in the menu from 1x1 up to 8x8.

Hi Riban,

in this case I just used the exisitng grid as an example.
I thought about adding a similar grid for playing individual notes as input method, like on push, not as pads for pattern. Sorry for any confusion.

Ah! I see. Sorry, I misunderstood your suggestion.

This could certainly be added (feature request please :wink:) but kinda requires a more responsive screen than the standard Zynthian resistive touch screen.

I can imagine a responsive playing surface with strings and frets but that is sort of a different instrument.