PocketOperator Inspired Teensy Powered Tracker/Sequencer

Another reddit special. Apparently gets the r/synthesizers hoard’s approval but perhaps because the OP is trading on Faderfox’s name or is it just the mechanical keys …

Apart from some minor fraud/identity theft, it looks interesting. Actual dev’s twitter vid.

A few screenshots of the vid & fixed up a pic of the PCB. Some details gleamed from the reddit post.

  • kailh choc type switches, for keyboards
  • display is basic ILI9341 painted with black marker
  • Teensy controller and SGTL5000 audio codec. Optimized libraries for this (sic) application.
  • The UI is made on Adafruit GFX

“The main reason for not using touchscreens is muscle memory. If you know that you have 4 knobs and 4 columns of keys you can operate on everything without lookin on the device because your brain operates on it subconsciously.”

Ha! I should have called myself, “Moog” in this forum :wink:.

Looks like another board that might end up in a drawer, gathering dust after the novelty subsides. I should probably figure out what is so good about this, “tracker” thing but worry I might not emerge from that rabbit hole for a while.

Having lived through and left trackers (far) behind as better things came along, I think its primary value is lofi nostalgia for those who didn’t experience its constraints the first time around.

Could be an interesting low-cost option to emulate the experience of much more expensive hardware Trackers. Given me a few hints and clues on what is possible teensy wise. My first thought was a mini EC4 when I saw the u/faderfox name. Could be interesting to have a tracker/synth that doubles as a controller with a smart screen.

[edit] Thinking about it a bit more. The Amiga was slower than an Arduino Uno. So unless you are implementing a full operating system, a Teir 1 game like Shadow of the Beast at a blister 25Hz of 320×256 in 32 colours with your tracker … you just are not trying :> Teensy’s are 10 to 100 times the clock speed of the 68000 :>


A tracker built by the developer of Orca. Quite an interesting guy going by his Twitter.