Portamento SF2 bank

I created an SF2 sound bank for my midi accordion. In that bank, I have some sounds that I would like to be monophonic with portamento. I activated portamento, but it modifies all the sounds in my bank. Can I add portameno only few sounds?


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Hi @Tubi !

Currently the way of doing this is the subsnapshot (zs3) feature:


It’s not exactly what you are asking for, but it could solve your use case.
Anyway, we hope to improve this in the next months, when we refactorize the preset system.

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@Tubi , I assume you are using FluidSynth. How are you applying the portamento? Just as a control on Zynthian, or with an external controller? If it’s just through Zynthian, and you want to change presets rapidly, then the zs3 solution is the way to go. It means you have to configure a snapshot with a number of sub-snapshots - one for each sound (with or without portamento).

A better solution is to use an external portmento controller that fires portamento commands into the synth. That means that you can turn portamento on and off while you are playing. It is independent of the preset you use. With FluidSynth this is tricky however, as FluidSynth takes the value of portamento (both MSB and LSB) and uses that as the number of milliseconds for the “slide” to the next note. This means that (for my usage with wind controllers) the useful range of portamento for CC5 up to about 2 (256 milliseconds) out of 127. That’s doesn’t offer you much control, so you need to use both CC5 and CC37.

Does this help?


Hi ! I use FluidSynt, just as a control on Zynthian. I have a midi accordeon without any control.Just midi out.I create my own SF2 bank with accordion sound, flute, etc…I want to add portamento to violine, and flute for example.I’m novice in Raspberry :slight_smile: but I’m building my Zynthian with your help on this forum, and I really appreciate it

If you could explain to me step by step what I have to do, I would be grateful. Merry Christmas

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@Tubi there is a good explanation of subsnapshots here:
The “program change” commands can come from a “stomp box” or you can use the S1-S4 buttons on the front of the Zynthian.

Essentially the process is:

  1. create a layer
  2. tweak it to the way you want the sound to be
  3. create a subsnapshot linked to the program change button of your choice
  4. repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have created all you want, or you have used up all your buttons
  5. save the snapshot (with its subsnapshots) - this is most important!
  6. To use the sounds, load the snapshot, then click the button for the sound you want. Clicking other buttons loads a new sound almost instantly.

The alternative (slow change) way is to create a sound layer (as in 1,2 above) and save it as a snapshot. Adjust the sound to your next one, and save it as a different snapshot, and repeat for as many sounds as you want. To recall these sounds, you just load a snapshot, but it takes a few seconds to do that. You can’t use buttons to load snapshots.

Does that help?