Hello together,

is it possible to use portamento on this part?
if not, will it be in future possible?

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It depends on the engine. Some do others don’t.
There are no plans to implement an own one so far.

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A true portamento must be implemented at synth level. Anyway, most of engines that should have portamento, already have it… What engine are you using for “this part” that doesn’t have portamento?


Hi @Zoki,

I have some portamento-code for Dexed which is working for MicroDexed. I have to backport this code towards Dexed-LV2. I hope I can do this soon.

Regards, Holger

Thank you!

I use fluidsynth, there I put the samples.
So I need portamento for fluidsynth.

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Dear @Zoki, your desire has been conceded and i’ve added a new “Portamento” tab to the FluidSynth controls.

BTW, i’ve improved the FluidSynth engine, adding per-channel audio outputs, what allows to have separated FX-chains for FluidSynth layers! (FYI, this was not possible before now!!).

Simply update and enjoy!!


Thank you!

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@Zoki, hint, hint: when :face_with_monocle: appears, it shows tremendous interest of others (esp. @wyleu :wink: ) to have some sound creation made on your new Zynthian. So… :smile:

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I smell the blood of an un-audio’d one … :smiley:


Hello, thank you for message!

I have done the update, but it does not work. Do you can help me?

Is it possible to insert the following into Fluidsynth:

Poly mono control
Velocity control
Portamento control (Legato priority last note)

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