Possible to use external usb dongle as audio input

Hi, I have Zynthian kit and it works great (hifiberry DAC+)

Instead of replacing with the latest release of hifiberry (with audio input), is it possible to use a usb dongle (sound card) as audio input?


I’ve had various usb bits and pieces connected and configured but from memory it’s pretty much all output ( and it does seem to occasionally decide to not work for reasons of it’s own).
I seem to remember that the Blue Yeti microphone didn’t generate an input when I looked but I’m not sure about the behringer UCA202 which seems a bit hit and miss as an output at the moment.

I suspect that the correct zynthian approach to USB is a bit sniffy ( latencies up in the 1/5 of a second) but I’d certainly like to just zynth an audio recording and usb devices would seem to be great for that.
Since the only way ( at the moment) of getting input is via the MOD-UI implementation you are already stretching the zynth instantly into it’s most configured mode! A lot to go to for a usb input ( with latency) into some fairly specific audio kit the is rather desperate to be a real time effects pedal!

Personally I like the idea of an input engine that allows this sort of quick recording and also allows (subject to zynthian overall latency) the ability to just mix in a stereo (mic & guitar?, devices, CD players, cassette machines, captive pipe organ … )

Hi @wyleu!

Currently that is not true! You can create an standalone FX-chain (without a synth-engine as root layer) and it will be connected automatically to your card audio input if it exist. MOD-UI is not longer needed to use Zynthian as a FX processor :wink:


And that folks is how fast development is progressing! :smiley:

hadn’t crawled down that pipe yet, I’m still trying to work out how to produce a puredata sinewave… :smiley:

I have to say I’ve dumped using USB on my zynthian-nord and reverted to an audio injector (yep an input to test!).
It’s transformed the beast, so I can now get on with sinewaves!