Power on

is there also a way to power it on,
without re-plugging the powersupply?
With any pot-press combination or so?


Not directly no.

A characteristic inherited from the Raspberry Pi itself.

Once a Pi has been shutdown you can’t start it from software.

I have added a reset switch connected to the Pi J1 header that allows a restart of the pi via an external closure ( you pull the Pin to 0v) but this is not an inherent device on a zynthian.

That’s a good idea.
Thank you.

You can add a momentary (press to make) switch between pin 3 and ground, e.g. pin 6 of the RPi 40-way header which will power up the device it is in standby (off but power supplied, i.e. powered off). If using this method be careful not to press the button whilst running because pin 3 is used for I2C communication.

The Pi 400 does have an option to turn on the Pi with the F10 key and off with Fn+F10.
I dont know how it’s done, but maybe it’s possible to add something like that?