Power supply suggestions

Hi guys,

I am doing my first session with the Zynthian right now and I get constant underpower warnings.
I am using the v3 kit with a rpi3b+. I am using an USB power supply which should give 3A and I tried another one which says it can give 4A max. But both are more or less quite cheap china products and result in underpower warnings.

Can someone suggest a supply which I can buy in Germany and which might also work with rpi4.

Got this one. Does its job. However, it’ s chinamade.

Aukru Micro-USB 5 V 3000 mA Ladegerät Adapter Stromversorgung für Raspberry Pi 3, P… https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01566WOAG/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awd_xs_YElzEb65JG9XF

rpi4 is usb-c and an adapter solution is not prone to underpowering.

Thanks guys, will try the one above! Seems that often the problem might be more the removable usb cables and not the supply itself. Those micro to c adapters are also almost as expansive as the supply itself. So will get another one for the rpi4 when getting the rpi4 itself.

Pine64 have released some psu’s with the unique ability to blow things up for the unwary

12v@1.2A through something that looks like a USB port? Yes please!

Things that blow things up? Why haven’t I been sent my test unit? How will we know what the magic smoke smells like without this amazing device?


Anyone else getting a strong whiff of Radagast …?

I think that is called USB-PD, power delivery.
9V, 12V and 20V with up to 5A are something to get used to when looking at USB

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Nice product that PinePower :+1:
Not too expensive, but I didn’t try to simulate delivering to France fees …
I’ve asked if it can act as an USB powered hub. That would be sooo nice …