Powerbanks with power pass through

Means that you can leave it plugged permanently to the Pi & the power in used as a external power connection.

Haven’t tried it but it might be the answer to someones problem . . .

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Thanks for posting. I am looking exactly for something like this, that can act as a kind of USB-UPS for the Zynthian Pi and other USB powered gear. The problem I find is that for unknown reasons this feature is not well advertised by the manufacturers. One could probably grab a fair share of the market by advertising as “USB UPS”. Here is some info from another manufacturer: https://blog.ravpower.com/2018/06/pass-through-creative-ways-power-banks-charge/

Yep! There are many powerpacks that don’t allow simultaneous charge and supply. I use a dedicated UPS which also gives out indication of charge state (although Zynthian uses the UART so I can’t read the serial feed).

I have a Xiomi 2000mAh powerbank that allows power pass through. The caveat is that when you plug the powerbank input USB-C to charge it, it switches off all outputs for a split second.

If you are charging a device it does not have any effect. But if you are powering a Raspberry it switches it off and on again :frowning:

@riban have you got photos or is it a object of ghastly shame driven into hiding by constant promises of a decent enclosure…?
or does it spend it’s evenings tripping round the night spots of East Essex doing Jimmy Smith impressions?

It lives in my suitcase and provides buffered power to my development Zynthian (RPi3) whilst I am on the road.

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How much life do you get out of it on one charge?

I tend to use it as a buffer - as you can see it is not yet built into an enclosure but from memory I think it was about 2 or 3 hours. I could test it during the week if you want.

Well I’d be looking at a Pi4 with 7" touchscreen so my mileage will probably vary.

If I knew I could get an evening out of one it might address some of my dissatisfaction with the pedalboard PS arrangements.

I could do a test with Pi4 and 7" touchscreen which is what it was originally purchased to drive. Do you want a USB soundcard hanging off it too - UCM1820?

No it’s an Pi4, 7" touch, audio injector & a zynaptik.

Quite a load when all considered.