Powering zynthians

I hate barrel connectors. . .

DC connectors There’s no standards and manufacturers have made the whole area a standardised mess. 2.1mm 2.5 Positive inner, positive outer, voltage…

And that’s before considering the physical implementation, horrible !!

I’ve discovered a solution I think actually works for zynthian powering… Distribute 20-48v across rj-45 connectors using the POE pinnout…

Blue, Orange Pair + V

Brown.Green Pair 0v

Firstly you can get some really decent connectors …



and it’s a standard …

And you can even run Ethernet over it with a bit of electronics.

A buck converter in the pedalboard to get down to a good solid 5.3Volts and everyone is happy.
My pedalboard is using about 0.4~0.5 amps at 20Volts, and I finally have a connector I’d take on stage.

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yeah that’s true but

I love barrel jacks.

Cheap, easy to solder, efficient for powering gears … You just need a voltmeter, a soldering iron, and ultra cheap components (the male or female plug) from AliEx.

RJ45 have a tendency to lose their catches. If unshielded the snap off easily. Shields become stiff and the catch wears.

The ruggedized versions are pretty solid.

It would be fun to argue the pros and cons of barrel connectors versus RJ-45s. If I had a ‘vote’ or my ‘druthers’ I’d go for a USB C connector, due to the power negotiation flexibility and possible use as a data connection to PCs-phones-tablets-etc. And of course, one of the many nice things about Zynthian is if you want change something, you generally can (with varying degrees of effort-trouble).

But, since we live in a (largely-arguably?) benevolent dictatorship, and we’ve been shown our future with a barrel connector and a switch (YAY!-amen-hallelujah-etc), I have a question:
What are the dimensions-specs for the power input? Is it intended to be the more or less standard barrel used on ‘most’ guitar pedals?

Here’s what we have so far from @jofemodo:
A very decent power supply circuit, that can be fed with DC voltage from 9V to 48V using a good & reliable “barrel” connector. And we found a very nice power connector with switch!


I did look for the design files in:

and did not see any V5 stuff yet. Has it gone out for {PCB Fab]-assembly-manufacturing already?

By the way and a bit off-topic, I am kind of amazed that by default the spell checker for this forum thinks “Zynthian” is misspelled!

It’s the browser spellchecker, so little we can do.



Ah, thank you, I dimly understand.