Preloading samples at boot


Hi mates,
Maybe soon i’ll be back to live, and of course which better occasion to finally have zynthian as part of the gear ;)?
But during various tests, the most significant bottleneck is passing between patches with sampled instruments. too slow time for a live performance. Often samples are loaded only if related key is pressed…
So, what about creating a sort of “reboot in live performance mode” function,(for example located in webconf )based on a specific preset subfolder, that reads which engines and patches are used and preload those with samples as many as possible into memory (not so much in a Rpi… i know).
obviously would be much slower at boot…
Please don’t kill me :laughing:


Well you’ve got to load the sound at some time and that takes as long as it takes. But certainly one can do it ahead of time.

If you use the default snapshot feature

the config will be loaded at start up so you can have some layers set up.
Put them on a different MIDI channel and MIDI channel selection will do it for you.


yeah, default snapshot could be a halfway…


Obviously you can only get so much into a snapshot, and I don’t know how many samples you load up for what length of song. I developed a certain level of on stage patter to cover the not inconsiderable time it takes to re-tune a 12 string guitar :-D. Presumably inter song gaps give you enough time to load up samples?

in which case it’s snapshot for each song.


it’s that amount of time i’m trying to shorten as much as possible. some songs starts immediately with keyboard. but it’ also true the most used sampled instruments i could use is piano. the real problem is when even virtrual synths take their time too… (those on MOD, for example…) but this is another story :smiley:


I used to use an Ensoniq EPS which loaded off floopy disks . . .

Not so much a bit of patter more a viking saga complete with boat burning . . . :roll_eyes:


That’s why I have more than one…


Yes, multiple zynth’s start to become a very attractive proposition.


Hi @ivanmonterosso!

Currently the best way of doing this kind of “preloading” is using SnapShots.
Depending your “use-case”, the new feature:

Map external events to Active layer/channel:

included in the latest Software Update:

could help you.

If you truly need to change the snapshot with 0 delay, then you may think in using 2 zynthians :wink:

Kind Regards

P.S: Please, don’t forget to send some video of your “live” :wink:


two zynthians… non at this moment … i have to use the rest of gear…i can not throw it in recycle bin :smile:

Anyway i must update, then will study the new feature…

i loved that sampler…had not enough money to buy it… but later over years, such as revenge, i opted for an used s3000xl fully expanded 32MB with scsi drive, a bit more usable…i used it for some live, instead of a computer and Ableton Live…and being old school, made all sounds of a performance with just 8 MBytes (strings and piano included) :smiley:
For Example, with Live i had to load all in a single session, grouping and muting unused tracks… cpu load was “delightful”…:expressionless:
Of course will make my best to document live session … but i believe not before october…


… mmm… actually i’m having some trouble with update. i did from zynthian via network, but at a certain point it stopped, and messed up everything, so the only update i found is in brand new nightly builds to rewrite on card… but refuses to boot. i’m trying with another build… but… there is an official image, instead?


update: checked with hdmi output… gives a kernel panic…


Daily? I didn’t get CustomPiOS running so far…take the last next :slight_smile: