Probably too many zynthians . .


Give us some :face_with_monocle: we want zynthwave orchestra!

where’s the pedalboard ?

And how does it sound??

Greetings and God bless

Sound…? I haven’t even drawn it yet … :smiley:

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Under the Motor 61 . . . :smiley:

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Obsessed much?

I like to keep busy…

Hope Hinkley EPR will be finished before you turn all the level pots to 12 :joy:

I’m assessing the neighbours for sonic attack…

If you play Steely Dan, they wont be hurted that much

While lamenting your excesses, you could make this project based on an 8 pin processor.

ATtiny85 Mini PCB Violin Short 75

Actually all those screens make a soothing light, good job.

Have you worked out playing all 4? at once, it would be fun to replicate the sound of a giant pipe organ installation.

I’m hoping to ring the church bells remotely. . . :tophat: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :musical_keyboard: :bell: :bell:

@wyleu, have you ever though about transducer zynthian ? To make any cerface work
a sound board ? For quiet some time I have an idea to midify my grand piano, make it acoustic/silent and to use the piano sound board as a speaker, to play historical instruments, different temperaments etc.

I did see a drum sensor that worked something like that with 8 active positions with some electronics that did MIDI triggering.
I think my actual indulgence has become networking zynthians.
Moving house has allowed me to actually design the installation which means it might become stable enough ( this keyboard on that MIDI channel) to actually set up things like the snapshots on the pedalboard to set all kinds of other stuff.

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Are you familiar with the Tonewood amplifier for acoustic guitars?
Magnets are used to hold the transducer to the guitar body. There are endless demo videos on youtube, people who compose on their couch get creative inspiration from the new sounds.

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