A pedalboard zynthian .. .

Yes, I really like the hall effect sensors.
I can also get a variable voltage out of them as well which I’ve mentally confined to the subsequent upgrade. Because I am being chased for a :face_with_monocle: I need to declare this finished !!

And I’ve seen the Vangelis interface. I have been watching several CS80 vids ( The synth I’d most like to own) and I was surprised how much of vangelis’s sounds were actually straight presets … Unless of course you listen to Beaubourg !!! :slight_smile:


"Unless of course you listen to Beaubourg !!! "
To quote the Hitch-hikers Guide to Galaxy;
“A terser work, for masochists.”

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Black Lotus Audio has a free Vital preset called “I want a CS80” their description:
“For when you’re Vangealous of the bladerunner soundtrack”
It sounds like a Trombone.

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Noice! One suggestion, how about adding a hinged flap that covers the screen with a catch or magnet to hold it closed during transit? Maybe it could drop down the back when in use. The screen looks prone for damage.

Thank you…

I think you might be right about the screen. I ended up using double sided tape to hold the screen so it’s a little more proud than would have been preferable.

One possible solution which I rather liked was a CNC cut brass plate right across the front with the switches set in to and the screen recessed …

Just really glad to have ‘finished’ ( Yeah right) the hardware side.

Now just setting up the audio in and out levels using a zynth on the input and one on the output… :slight_smile: and the sine wave generator engine, which sadly doesn’t have a left/right mute which would be really helpful. I’m reading up on LV2 to see if I could alter it suitably to add them or build a test tone generator from scratch…

Given the complexities of stereo in with mono defeat on one channel and the cross wired mono outputs that should provide stereo if two jacks plugged in and a mixed mono if only one used ( nicked from the alpha juno 2 circuit :slight_smile: ) .

However the bypass switch is helping a lot with the line up process and it’s status is now indicated by the colour of the LED on the front panel. Red for zynth in circuit, green or off for bypassed… :smiley: IT’s mostly sitting and soak testing at the moment.

It’s now got a badge …!


This is so rad!

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Contrats @wyleu this looks so nice.


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Pardon the too late to be useful comment, with all that bulk it’s attached to, some sort of crafted wood transport cover for the LCD might be a wise addition.

Mounted on the inside of a hinged door might provide a display tilt adjuster as well.

Mr @wyleu !!

I hope you take this beauty with you to the first Zynthian Party. As we discussed some time ago, while cycling BCN, it’s something we have to do… and i should organize. Everybody likes Formentera? :grin:



Having played with loopers and written the note to chord plugin I decided I needed more than the one pedal so I went to my shed and cut up some timber, plywood and steel, I broke open some switches to obtain springs, etc. By the evening I had the startings of a pedaboard but… during a break today (recovering from carrying concrete fence posts - they are heavy man!) I saw the Behringer FCB1010 is just £90. I had discounted buying a new controller due to price but either the price has dropped or my effort in the shed has altered my cost / benefit analysis. So I am considering buying one. This has 10 foot switches, 2 variable pedals and 2 more switches that work as bank shift or can be used for something else under some conditions. It only has MIDI input and output / thru (merge) plus a couple of relay switch outputs - no USB. My questions to the group are:

  • Have you had any experience with this (or other) pedal boards?
  • Do you have any advice to a potential buyer?

They seem to remain popular with their owners - I don’t see many second hand. The only one I found was asking the same price as a new one! I am very tempted. They are pretty big but I could get rid of my Zoom pedal and just use Zynthian + FCB1010 for my guitar effects. (Sorry @wyleu for diverting the thread but you seem to be done with it!!!)

Don’t you believe it, I’m on my third screen ( screws on mounts separated the double sided tape holding the display body to the glass ) and I’m still building the rest of the rig.

I have the new version of the HID code to load up on the pedalboard (thanks @smiths73v3 ) and still muttering about parameter control over this … :frowning:

With regards to pedal board construction the essence of this is make it sturdy , then double it. And imagine how it fails … What do you do, that doesn’t involve taking your fingers of your instrument.

The arduino pedal board stuff has proved rock solid in this regard and I might well take a 5 pin MIDI out simply to route with the rest of the MIDI stuff… ( The motor 61 seems to fail on occasional MIDI off notes on USB which does not effect the 5 pin MIDI so I’m using that at the moment, as a base level)

Hi @riban, I do not own a FCB1010 but I was tempted to buy one too. Here in France, you can get it between 50 and 90 € second hand, while it’s around 110€ brand new. So far I’ve seen, it is really popular with 4,5/5 over 115 notes on Audiofanzine, a reference website for musician freaks.
What I remain:

  • its strongness is really appreciated
  • it has got a bunch of controls
  • the display is readable even under sunlight
  • needs a dedicated PSU
  • programing the hardware from the pedalboard itself looks like a nightmare, but there is a dedicated software for that (under windows I presume) that should/could make things easyer

There’s a dedicated website it https://www.fcb1010.eu/

Hi @riban
The only minor drawback is the very slight noise / hum from the source.
Otherwise, I didn’t find anything else to blame him for.
I bought a FCB1010 on second hand. And another investment was in the chip Un02 (50EUR) from https://www.fcb1010.eu/uno2.html
I have no experience with other brands,
My experience with FCB1010 in rig

Cheers! I have ordered one. Hopefully the electromechanical noise isn’t too intrusive. (The PSU in one of my keyboards is so noisy I have to leave it turned off most of the time!) I don’t want to pay the extra for a different ROM. I am pretty sure it will interface with the Zynthian well and I can use the Zynthian to process the MIDI if required but if I can’t I may end up ripping out its own electronics and replacing them with my own design - but this thing is brand new so I would prefer to use it as-is for a while. There is a 10 day lead time on delivery so I have time to forget I ordered it and accept it as a suprise gift in a couple of weeks!

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I have owned FCB1010 for quiet a while, then sold it because it was not convenient for my needs — too large, heavy and no portable power. Switched to Pedalino mini, it does a great job supporting and can be very much customized (far beyond FCB). Pedalino mini supports all sorts of midi connections, buttons, rotary controllers, faders, continuous controllers (continuous sustain pedal is supported by Pianoteq). It also now supports addressed leds, so every action can have separate color or custom brightness. Can be powered and run from battery/powerbank. Small and reliable — happy with it ! I use it with iPad and LoopyHD (best software looper I’ve found) and of course with zynthian.

Check this out at Guthub

P.s. it was mentioned before here at the forum.

Indeed I could build something but the physical construction is challenging. I was building something and this would have been a good companion but I stopped when I found the FCB1010. I could retro fit something like Pedalino if I need the functionality. Cheers!

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Good idea about retrofitting. Builtin system of asigning controllers in FCB1010 is not at all user friendly. Complicated and not intuitive.

Pardon the abstract tangent, this pedalboard design with 4 encoders and 3.5" LCD looks so ready for a Zynthian to be dropped in.

Massive Teensy-Based MIDI Controller Is Operated By Foot
Hackster write-up . . . . . . Autodesk Fusion 360 & .stl 3D print enclosure and button design files
The rest of the project design files

Giant Pedalboard innards
Looks like he’s trying to make it strong, with a separate support tower and cover support screw point for each switch, poly-carbonate might be the strongest printer material.


It looks neat and I am impressed with the effort and detail put into this design but I wonder how robust it is (under the foot of a thrash metal guitarist) and how easy it is to pick out each button with the toe of a size 10 boot? I just got the Behringer FCB1010 which is spaced pretty much the same as I had designed my own (wooden) pedalboard with large space between adjacent pedals and second, elevated tier pedals set back but between the first to give good access by foot.