Problem with "Controlling the UI with MIDI messages"

I had a big problem but in the end I finally found the problem.

Yesterday, I hooked up my Minilogue to use Zynthian Synth Layers with USB MIDI since I didn’t put any DIN MIDI connectors on my Zynthian.

Each time I played a note on my Minilogue to try a synth layer, the Zynthian kept changing screens and receiving commands to control the UI with MIDI messages. I couldn’t find the solution to disable this. Nothing in the Webconf on the MIDI Options page. Found that there isn’t much either on the Zynthian UI Users Guide - ZynthianWiki. But then I read carefully and saw that These actions are available using MIDI messages on the Master Channel (default 16). In my Webconf → MIDI Options, my Master MIDI channel was on 1. Changed it to 16 and it did the trick. That’s cool :slight_smile:

But I do have a question, if I use all 16 MIDI channels, I will once again have the problem with the MIDI channel 16… which does in fact mean that we can only use 15 channels ?


If you want to use the 16 MIDI channels, you should disable the Master channel by selecting “None” in the webconf.



Thanx a lot. Didn’t find it anywhere written that you could put none instead of a number for the channel.

Also, seems that there have been a lot of changes since the v3. The Zynthian Users Guide seems to be based on the v3. Using the v4 is much better but some function are out of place. Need to dig a bit to find where are the functions. Some are even missing but it’s ok. Maybe we need to make a new guide based on the v4 leaving the v3 like it is.

Don’t mistake me, you have done a great job with the Zynthian. Almost everything is plug and play. I was given a Rapsberry. I bought a 7" screen, a DAC+ ADC, 4 knobs and a few cables and everything works fine. Just a little bit of configuration.