Problem with MIDI learning

I have an issue with MIDI learning. I have not kit, just RPI4B + MPI display with capacity touch, latest stable release. I am using Akai MPK88 via USB directly to RPI. Playing works just fine. Also I can see all MIDI messagges via MIDI logs. All is there CCs, PCs, Notes ON/Off. But When I try to MIDI learn all my question marks are green right of the bat, and for the love of god i cannot select any controller to be active. I tried with touch and via VNC and mouse. Nothing. I tried ORAM as well and it sort of works, but in that release I do not see any knobs, but I can learn volume to any knob or fader on MPK, so I know that the controller is ok. Any ideas? Obviously I tried reboot several time.

Hi culfytt, the ‘learn’ menu button depends on having rotary encoders available to your zynthian (such as with a kit). The instructions for midi learning in the wiki are aimed at this. I should add the information about mouse and touch because it gets asked every now and then.

You can look at this page: Midi learn with mouse

The summary is: try (with either mouse cursor or the touchscreen) click/press starting from left side and dragging to the right inside the parameter box area of the screen. This skips the first step (all parameters show ??) and makes the parameter ready to assign immediately (which is what you want when you have no encoders) I am able to do that successfully most of the time.

As a side note I think the ‘learn’ function goes through two steps now, first is green, second is yellow. I think this is a new thing in Oram, not quite sure how it works yet.

Ok, I got it worked out. It is not so straight forward. Works both with mouse and touch though. In my case I dont need to push the Learn button at all so that is a little misleading.
Looking forward to new releases.

po 13. 5. 2024 v 11:19 odesílatel LFO via Zynthian Discourse <> napsal:

The yellow & green stages are when you use the old method to put the device in learning mode then move a knob to define which control to learn before finally sending a CC to learn. The first stage is skipped if you press a knob or swipe a control which defined the control to learn on one action.

[Edit] Sorry - I misled… The first learn mode (green) is for chain mode, i.e. the CC will control the parameter only when the chain is selected. The second mode (yellow) is for global mode, i.e. the CC will control the parameter all the time. Absolute mode uses the MIDI channel of the hardware controller for its mapping as well as the CC number.

I could see it looked like a new process compared to before. So it’s chain mode and absolute mode, I can add it to the wiki page.

What happens when you try and use a controller assigned with chain mode when it is not selected? It does nothing?

A CC mapped to a parameter with chain mode only reacts when the chain is selected.

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