Midi learn with mouse

My Pi 7" touchscreen input has stopped working and I’ve fiddled with it to no avail.
I use a mouse a lot with Zynthian on a Pi4 but can’t get Midi learn to work with it. Clicking and dragging over the controller just skips to another screen. I can’t get the ?? to turn green.
Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

Hello, I had the same problem when I tested Zynthian with an RPI3. I had found a solution that was not too effective, because it didn’t work every time. I hovered the mouse pointer diagonally over the setting control is there, the question marks turned green. Best regards

I can get it to work fairly reliably by doing a click+drag to the right. You need to start near the left side of the widget and drag to the right, ensuring the length of the drag action is at least 50% of the width of the widget. Click+drag starting in the middle may mean your drag goes off the side of the widget area before clocking up the required 50% distance needed to trigger midi learn.

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Thanks a lot scro, but this does not work with my mouse. I just end up scrolling rapidly through multiple screens

Thank you for your reply and suggestion but this does not work for me.

Hi, I know this is not the answer you expect, but in the meantime, a solution would be to match the ‘CC’ of your master keyboard to those of Zynthian (it’s a little longer and not necessarily possible). For example 49 for volume, 64 for sustain etc.

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Another solution, if you are comfortable with Unix Create a snapshot, save it to the zynthian.
Connect via ssh to zynthian ssh root@zynthian.local passwrd (your password, in principle raspberry if you have not changed it)
Edit your snapshot for your audio file. Example for me (this is a SalamanderGrandPianoV3 snapshoot created from Zynthian):
nano /home/pi/zynthian-my-data/snapshots/000/004-SF; SFZ; Pianos; SalamanderGrandPianoV3\ 44.1khz16bit; SalamanderGrandPianoV3.zss

We will program two custom CC# one for the “Volume” and the other for the “Pan”
Move until you find “volume”: {“value”: 69} We will put our CC# value corresponding to the potentiometer of your controller.
(it is necessary to know these values, you can easily find these values with midilog via the web interface).
For example, for me the first potentiometer at a CC# 41, I will use it to adjust the volume.

Simply add in the file the learn and its value of CC#.
After modification, for the volume with my CC# value I get: “volume”: {“value”: 69, “midi_learn_chan”: 0, “midi_learn_cc”: 41}

In the same way, if you want to program the “Pan” function with the second potentiometer of your controller (for me CC# 42),
Before modification, there is “pan”: {“value”: 64} To be replaced by “pan”: {“value”: 64, “midi_learn_chan”: 0, “midi_learn_cc”: 42}

Save the Ctrl-o and Ctrl-x file and then reload the snapshot. It should work :slight_smile:

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Hello Well, I found how to do it and it works every time! (a solution).


Click once with the mouse on the learn button.

Yellow “??” appear.

The problem is that it never turns green when you move the potentiometer.
In this method, they will never go green.

1- Place the mouse pointer on the bottom left of the potentiometer for which you want to associate your controller.
2- Press the left mouse button
3- Move the mouse while holding the left button to the top right of the potentiometer concerned without letting go of the left mouse button.
4- Touch the potentiometer of your controller 5- Release the mouse button, the “??” disappear.

Now you should be able to set the Zynthian with your external controller.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your time and thought in replying. I have tried your mouse trick but it doesn’t work for me. I will try to find a different mouse, perhaps that is the problem. If not I will follow your other instructions to the best of my limited ability.
Once again, thank you, I really appreciate it.

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Thanks to Melsier and scro for your feedback.
Melsier’s trick with the mouse works fine with the very basic mouse I just bought today (€1.99!!). Something about the gaming mouse I was using because I want to look all flash on stage. The mouse was an inphic PW1 for anyone interested.
I love my little Pi4 synth. Thanks so much.


Hello Dylan, I’m really happy that it works now! Enjoy

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Yes, thank you… It work’s for me.