Problem with MIDI routing on last software version [SOLVED!]

Hi guys,
I am facing a crazy issue with my Zynthian, and I have no idea of the reason and how to solve it !
Simply said : after updating the firmware to last version, MIDI routing is completely broken.
All synths on all layers react to all MIDI channels :thinking:
I thought it was related to a given engine, but this happens to all engines (LS, FluidSynth, etc…)
I have checked what goes out of the MIDI sequencer : everything is routed to correct channels, so the problem is really inside the Zynthian.

I made a simple test with a MIDI tracks playing only on MIDI channels 1 and 2 : result is awful, because synth on layer 1 reacts to MIDI events of channels 1 and 2, and synth on layer 2 reacts to MIDI events of channels 1 and 2 too !
I have checked the MIDI channel for each layer : layer 1 uses channel 1, and layer 2 uses channel 2.

What can be the reason of that strange behavior ?


Small update : I have checked the connection inside the Zynthian using patchage : they are correct :

  • ch0_out of ZynMidiRouter goes to first synth
  • ch1_out of ZynMidiRouter goes to second synth

So as far as I can see, the problem occurs within ZynMidiRouter which does not route MIDI channels as it should do.

I will perform a test tomorrow to check what really goes outside ZynMidiRouter (by routing the ch0_out and ch1_out to MIDI OUT) and see what happens


And I finally found the cause of the problem (after one full day of testing) !!! :crazy_face:

On the Admin page, the Zynthian jumped automatically to “Stage Mode” after the software update. By going back to “multi timbral mode”, my problem disappeared.

Not sure however that this is the expected behavior of Stage Mode (as all synths receive all incoming MIDI data whatever the channel number). Could one of the Zynthian specialists take a look to that ?

Strange. I will try to reproduce the problem.

On stage mode, all MIDI input is routed to the active layer’s MIDI channel.
This means that the active layer receives all MIDI input, unless you are using the clone feature, of course.


Yes, that’s exactly what I see. I never used the “Stage mode”, so I could not tell if it was expected to act like this or not.
At least, it is not a bug in the ZynMidiRouter or something like that :grinning:

Maybe you should check if the “Stage Mode” activates automatically for some reasons, because I am 100% sure that I did not change its value (that’s why it took me so long to find it was not correctly set).