Problem with touch on Zynthian Kit V2


Hi there,

just updated to the new image via flashing a SD Card. Then ran update from UI twice and everything seems to be functioning smoothly BUT touch functionality. For some reason the screen does not respond to any interaction.



Before updating, did you get working the touch functionality? With an updated Gorgona Edge?
In the next days i will add a little diagnostic script that should help to find and solve this kind of problems.



Hi @vbretsch!



Also, run this command:

cat /zynthian/config/

and send the output.



No so far i have never experienced the touch functionality working.


cat /dev/input/event0
does not produce any output when touching the touch display

output from: cat /zynthian/config/ is:
DISPLAY=:0 xinput --set-prop ‘ADS7846 Touchscreen’ ‘Coordinate Transformation Matrix’ -1 0 1 0 -1 1 0 0 1


Hi @MartyMcFly & @vbretsch!

Some advance with the touch display?
If you think the touch could be broken, i would like to replace it :wink:

Happy New Year!!


Hello and a happy new year to all of you!

Touch functionalitiy is stable NOT working on my zynthian…
Perhaps someone has an idea to try for me.
Unfortunately i have some other problems / questions wich i cannot resolve at the moment.
Perhaps if someone would like to help - any good ideas are very welcome because i am no linux specialist i am not able to go too deep into the system. :slight_smile:

The integration of the zynthian in my little studio has finished so far…

So best regards to all of you over the world…
perhaps someone is interested to help via a skype or whatsapp videoconference?



Hi @MartyMcFly!

I would like to help you, but i need a good explanation of your problems & questions :wink:
Regarding the “touch” problem, it’s strange that it doesn’t work for you. If you are using the last SD image for kit v2, it should work out-the-box. I’ve tested the image with just-mounted zynthians and it really works, so … if you send me back your “probably broken” display, i will send you a new (and tested!) one.

Kind Regards,



this would be nice!
please send me the adress where i can send the display to…
here are some further questions:

when i am using my seaboard rise (wich transmits a lot of midi information) the zynthian seems to get too much information and the rusult are hanging notes…

also the dynamics of touching is very different to the normal keyboards i am using too…
i have to hammer on the keys very hard to get the same result while using the seabord.

With my other keyboards driving the zynthian its seems to be ok.

Next symptom is pressing the sustain pedal down with a layered sound and too many notes the zynthian answers with crackling and hanging notes… (perhaps it is useful to give a limitation of maximum count of voices and/or cancel the oldest one before crackling)

Next question:
What ist the best way to get an audio signal into the zynthian?
Do i need any other Soundboard? And - if yes - wich do i have to buy?
Or is it an additional card to get an audio in…

Does the audio to midi work in any way?
Would be nice to play with my guitars…

Is it possible to get the encoder rotating live information on the midi out?
I want them to be recorded on a cubase track.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards


Hi jofemodo,

my Zynthian in itself is working nicely but touch does not work.
In comparison to Marty’s studio setup i am using it mostly as SoundExpander for my pianoplaying kids.

If you would replace the display i’d be happy to send the display to you. What adress to?



My address:

Made MakerSpace - Fernando Moyano
Noguera Pallaresa 59-61
08014 - Barcelona

Kind Regards,


Dear jofemodo,

display has been sent to you this morning…
perhaps you can send the loger distance bolts when you return the display…
that would be very nice.

Best regards