Problems with snapshots

Hi :zynthianic:

I am using the latest version of the Zynthian OS and have also applied the latest patches. However, I have strange problems with saving/loading snapshots. I suspect I’m doing something fundamentally wrong, as no one else has reported on this issue yet.

I’m creating 6 Chains (2 LinuxSampler, 3 ZynAddSubFX, 1 NoizeMaker) and teaching a ZynAddSubFX some MIDI controllers. The MIDI data comes from a KeyStep-Pro and a Roland A880. Everything is fine and I save the setup as a snapshot.

After a week I start up again and when I press PLAY everything should sound like before. But it does not. The LinuxSampler didn’t load the drum samples and the MIDI controllers were forgotten.

I can write down the exact procedure again, but before I want to ask: does anyone else have these problems?


Please do so, I use them all the time and everything works fine.

Hi @C0d3man !

Could you send the snapshot?

Thanks mate!

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Yes, I will do so, but cannot before weekend :pensive:

forgotten Controllers here the same problem. System is 2 Days old (noobie).


Hi All!

I noticed that when using Linuxsampler, sometimes Zynthian would lose controller maps.

I am using Build 020423 with updates last weekend 02-12-23
I am running multiple instances of Linuxsampler.

Midi 1 (LS Piano) has volume default to Controller 7
Midi 2 (LS DX) has volume unlearned and learned to Controller 71
I want to learn MIDI 3 (LS Brass) volume to Controller 79
I want to learn MIDI 4 (LS Brass Octave) to Controller 72

It sometimes take 2 or 3 left swipes to remove controller 7 from volume. (Maybe I accidentally removed all controllers - I am using a Longrunner 7 touch screen)

After removing CC7 (not all controls),
Sometimes the right swipe does not change ?? To yellow.
When that happens, I have to un-learn the controller and try again.

When a higher channel volume is learned
(MIDI 4 volume is learned to CC72),
The lower channel learned controllers are lost
MIDI2-CC71 and MIDI3-79 are lost

‘Sfizz’ remembers the controller maps. I attached both snapshots FYI.

008-021323SfizzTutorial3.zss (296.6 KB)
009-021423LsTutorial3.zss (336.7 KB)

Thank you,

I was going to make a video over the weekend with the complete process of my configuration. So actually I made the video, but I could not recreate the error. Actually (almost) everything worked, so I assume that I made some operating errors before (problem sits before the screen).

What else caused problems: Both Linuxsampler and Sfizz do not react to changes in various settings. Pan and volume works, but the rest does not (especially the filter section).

Overall, I have to say that the configuration can sometimes be quite complex and you have to learn how to use the UI. But if you don’t make mistakes, everything seems to work very well! Also the conversion to the new mixer and the chains is really a huge gain in usability. I have always liked to buy synths, but now I see no need for it at all. I now prefer to buy accessories to control the many parameters :slight_smile:

Many thanks and best regards,


Hi Holger and All!

I have updates on Controller Learning, sfz controllers, and Fluidsynth controllers:

First, an update on Controller Learning:

It appears there might be a one to one limitation on controller learning. If I Iearn filter cutoff to chain MIDI 1 CC74, then If I later learn filter cutoff to chain MIDI8 CC74, the snapshot sometimes forgets the learn on chain MIDI 1.

I see this happening in LInuxsampler and Fluidsynth. I have to check sfizz. I am still working on it.

Second, regarding sfz controllers :

@jofemodo kindly added support to sfizz, LS and FS for four controllers: 74, 71, 73 and 72. I did not implement them in my above tutorials. Many of the factory sfz instruments do not implement them either. I only learned other controllers to volume, and I chose not to edit the fatory sfz files.

The four controllers will not do do anything unless you edit your sfz file to use them. So if you want CC74 to control filter cutoff and CC73 to adjust volume, you have to edit the sfz file under a global, master or group header:

bracket global or master bracket



bracket group brackets
group_label=Group 1

The sfz will now respond to CC1, CC74 and CC73 without having to learn cc.

Thirdly, regarding Fluidsynth controllers:

You have to make 3 edits in the sf2 and create a yml file. You can download to the Modsynth_v1.sf2 and Modsynth_v1.yml to see how this is done.

Using Polyphone,

Edit the instrument filter (filter cutoff 60hz)
Edit the Preset offset (Filter Cutoff x 2)
Add a preset modulator (Controller 74 , x 6000, filter cutoff)

and Create a yml file that includes

sf2_file: “filename.sf2”

midi_cc: 71
value: 0
midi_cc: 74
value: 64
midi_cc: 73
value: 16
midi_cc: 72
value: 16

The soundfont will now respond to the modulated controllers.

I will update my engine comparisons (sfizz, LS and FS) in a separate thread. Each engine has advantages.

Hope this helps!
Sam in NJ USA
(Still hurting from the Eagles Super Bowl loss…)


Holger, I had the same issue. But after an update it didn’t show anymore. Hopefully :slight_smile: