Probs using Note Commands

Hi everybody,
I use a Korg nano Pad to control a zynthian without encoders.
I found in Zynthian user guide the list of midi messages and there are 8 items I like to use:
52 select up E3
53 Select down F3
54 Back up F#3
55 Back down G3
56 Layer up G#3
57 Layer down A3
58 Snap up A#3
59 Snap down B3
My Control-Channel is CH#16.
I thought, if I send eg Note 52/53 on Ch 16 with Vel 127 the value in the layer window will increase or decrease. But it doesn´t. The highlight marker moves up or down.
If I use other controller pairs for Back up/dwn or Layer Up/dwn or Snap up/down
nothing happens.
It is good to have parameters to move the cursor!
But I also need parameters to change the encoder-values.

What can I do?

Thanks for your fantastic work !!!