Program Change and Layer Select

The V25 is a nice little toy. Unfortunately you can’t change the MIDI channel that easily.
But it has 4 buttons I could send Program Change events with.

The V25 is not the only MIDI-In, so that I can’t use the Single-Channel feature.

Would it make sense if we have programmable MidiRules?
Something like PC with Value X enables a MidiRule which transfers NO NOFF to channel Y.

Or what is the best practice with the tools we have by now.
The snapshot change via Master Midi Channel is still too slow? SubSnapshots?

As you are not using “Single Channel” mode, this only would be a good solution if you want to use the same engine with the V25. ZS3 will allow you to change, by sending a single PC, the bank/preset & controller values of the engine on the V25’s channel.

It depends a lot of the engines you load in your snapshot. You should try and see …
Of course, it will allow you to change the engine too …