Promoting Zynthian on Instagram and using Hashtags

Hi all! I hope this is not considered a junk topic. (I posted this in Uncategorized intentionally today but I learned posts there do not pop up as new activity!)

I wanted to say that if the Zynthian project could use more general awareness “out there” that Instagram is “blowing up” right now by networking musicians and diy synth people with following hashtags etc. #diysynth #synthdiy and a lot of others. I’ve tagged #Zynthian a few times (for better or for worse) including today but I’m certain making a post about each Zynthian box out there in the world would make a huge difference (with folks permission, or just an idea). And of course seeing them in action in productions.

I don’t have my Zynthian in a nice enclosure yet, and I haven’t made any videos, but I just wanted to throw that out there to the community. I’ve found a lot of like-minded synth and diy-ers through following hashtags on Instagram and following other synth geeks.

I’d love to help if I can! But mostly just letting folks here, who might be too busy building/improving/creating Zynthian itself (experienced programmers etc) that Instagram has made a huge change in my own life as far as networking with committed, enthusiastic people. There are facebook groups of course, too.

Anyways, I hope this is a helpful post to the community. I’ll keep working on my Zynthian, trying to make it look “finished” and keep posting to Instagram myself! Really I just need an enclosure, some new drilling/cutting/dremel or woodworking skills and touch working! :slight_smile:

(I have no affiliation Zynthian or Instagram!)


Hi @rockwater!

Thanks for the post. I’m not an Instagram user and I have no time to manage another “media channel”, but if you want, you could contribute to Zynthian’s project by doing it. I could create an Instagram’s Zynthian account and give you full access. You can take any photos from the Web, Blog and Shop and I think it shouldn’t be a problem to use photos from the forum. I would avoid photos where people appears, but we have very little of this kind of photos here :wink:

Somebody disagree with publishing forum photos without personal content (i.e. from “success cases” topic) on Instagram?


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Also, we can create a new topic in forum for “Artistic/Nice/Original/Curious” zynthian photos, so everybody can easily contribute by sending his favorite “My cute cat playing with my lovely Zynthian” photo :wink:

Wow yes, it would be an honor to contribute in this way!

Wyleu emerges from primeval ouze…

What’s Instagram…?
No really

Yeah its crazy, it was originally for just photography from phones but I’ve “met” so many people on there through using hashtags. Like suddenly everyone following that hashtag sees you’re post. And if it’s niche stuff that’s even better.

Hi @zynthianers!

I forgot that zynthian already has a Instagram channel. We create it for Sonar showcase, 2 years ago and we never used again.

I’ve selected a few images from the “Success Cases” post:

and some more that i’ve in my HD that i will post in the next days/weeks.

@rockwater, if you want to collaborate, i could give you access from any app you like. I have used hootsuit in the past and it works really nice. If you do so, perhaps we could share in Facebook and Twitter too. We already have channels in the 3 media, but i’m really lazy with this kind of “social media” things … jeje!

Kind Regards!

Ok definitely I will check out hootsuit after work! And definitely willing to help with any tedious image editing or video editing, or simply posting, or whatever would save you time! Not to take on a role or step on anyone’s shoes, just if you needed any “grunt” work done. I’m not sure what new content I could bring since my Zynthian is yet another loose collection of working parts. Maybe could make an unofficial video (not officially “representing” the Zynthian project) on how the parts work and how open source it is.

Edit: But I imagine Zynthian needs more COMPLETE case videos than “ugly” internal components videos :confused:

For Instagram posts: Gotta add hashtags or folks won’t see it! Like #diysynth #raspberrypi etc etc #ALSA ? anything!

Also, unless someone is using instagram on a computer, instead of a phone or tablet, they can’t click or highlight any links on the post. You CAN put a link in the main profile they can click on. Also on instagram you can make “stories” which you can add links to. By default they only last 24 hours. I haven’t made any of those myself.

Thanks! I take note :wink:

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I forgot to say, you can edit posts I think forever? So more description, or corrections, additions, and hashtags can be added later at any time :slight_smile:

also, ain’t there some spot in the forum for example where users can put soundexsamples or music made with zynthian or am I just not finding it? I think that would also attract some new people beeing interested in the synth

Hi @Hampelschwein!

I started this thread some weeks ago and put some jamming experiments:

I think that the “Using Zynthian” category could be a good “spot” for publishing music and examples, but perhaps i could create a more specific category. Something like “Music & Noise” :wink:


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OK! It’s done! I’ve created a new category for sharing Sonic Experiences with Zynthian: