Success Cases

If you have built a Zynthian Box, please share your experience with the community, and include some nice photos or videos! :wink:

Here are my photos from the Wiki:

My first one: a big (selfmade) wooden box with 19" front (Frontpanel custom made). It can be used a destop or rack version. It has a built-in power supply and an Arduino which controls a WS2812B LED-stripe. The Arduino gets the MIDI data and maps chords or tones to light.

My second one is a straight forward one: small and compact. Ideally for taking on stage. I think the case can be ordered from Fernando(?).

Regards, Holger


Hi Zynthoniacs,

Yesterday I received the parts I ordered to @jofemodo (boards and cabling, metalic box was not available at the moment but José Fernando told me this week, most likely, he will receive some). It’s not a problem for me soldering components to the circuit board, however I decided to order boards with discretes compenents already installed.

I was so excited with my new musical toy that I couldn’t resist the temptation to give a try as quickly as possible. Not having a box around to put all boards together, I decided a big sacrifice was needed. I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer and …ta-chan!!! the result.

I think that following the wiki the assembly is very simple. The pin 1 in the flat grey ribbon cable is coloured in red. In boards 2in1 and controllers the pin 1 is where brown wire is connected.

By the way, I made a small “window” in the base of the box for an easy access to the microSD, as you can see in the last picture.

Of course, it’s a temporary assembly but it was funny to find a perfect excuse to taste a delicious Stracciatella Ice Cream…and then to explore my ZBox.



Hi @smespresati!


My first working Zynthian looked a little bit more minimalistic - I had not the idea to look into the fridge :grin:

Regards, Holger


:grin: :grin: :grin: Great @smespresati!!
You have the “Guasa” from Cadiz!! Perhaps should contact mercadona guys and ask for sponsorship!! :joy:
Yesterday i got 2 aluminium boxes, and one has your name grabbed on his surface:

Un abrazo!


Thanks, @jofemodo. I will be looking forward the box to arrive.

Hi @jofemodo and all friends of Zynthian!
I publish the photos of my “built from the scratch” Zynthian!
All works now, and I also recorded some melody for my next progressive rock song with it. :wink:
I know it is very naked…but for the box design, I must to wait for september!:slight_smile:
Thank you for your help and for this wondering little musical gem!

Have good holidays!


Yeahhhh! Please, can you upload your melodies to soundcloud or something like that? Perhaps we could open a new topic for sound and video demos …

Hi Jose,
I will put some of my tunes created with Zynthian when I will come back to my studio after holidays.
For the moment I can only say that Zynthian is a wonderful machine.
I’m thinking about some little software mods which as musician I would like to have… I will talk about them when I will have a more clear idea of them… :wink:

We will waiting for your tune and your ideas @marcolastri!!
Enjoy your holidays!! I’m doing it … :sunglasses:

Here are my pics of my Zynthian-from-scratch… The LCD is one I had laying around and thus the wiring needed some work. Check…

Now, build an nice enclosure and see if it fits next to my other homemade synths…

Shown on the right: Mutable Instruments Shruthi, Xaviers excelent PreenFM2 and a Midibox Seq4 hardware sequencer :innocent:



Really nice setup! I would love to give a try to your nice machines, specially the seq4 box :wink:
I will be waiting to see your Zynthian case … :wink:

Midibox Seq4 is awesome :smile: Probably the best HW-sequencer available :dancers:


@Keeze101 Wow - it’s so nice :sunglasses:

Do you have some music examples for us?

Putting everything on stripe boards is also a nice idea. It would be very nice to have a layout plan for this. Do you have one?

Regards, Holger

@C0d3man, tnx!

I have not made any lay-outs. The boards are so simple, that I just place the main components on the boards and go soldering. I will see If I can make one…

I also have no music online somewhere. Perhaps in the future :wink:


Hi everybody,

One week ago arrived the aluminium box @jofemodo sent me and finally I could discard my ice cream ZBox. Here the mounting process, perhaps it can help somebody.

Take care to not overtight nuts when mounting the touchscreen. @jofemodo I think it would be a good idea to add a separator between touchscreen and box frame to avoid overtighting nuts.

Brown wire connected to pin 1 in pcb.

As I’m gonna use the RCA connectors on Hifiberry I didn’t connect the other audio jacks. Same case for MIDI-din connector, I’m using USB-MIDI.

It is a really easy task (specially if you order pcb’s with all components soldered).



Hi @smespresati! Thanks for your detailed report :wink:
I’ve ordered some cheap knobs from 'banggood". If you don’t have a better option, i will send you 4 for your ZBox when i received it :wink:

Hi @jofemodo,

Thanks, that’s perfect for me.

Regards, Jose