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I have made changes in zynthian_layer.py to handle the bank selection (MSB) midi events, to enable a DAW to select a bank. Since Jose seems the only person currently developing the software, how can I ensure that the code is reviewed, discussed and if accepted included in the trunk? I saw some guidelines in the wiki, but want to be sure about your current wow.

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Simply make a PR, @Jan :wink:


Will do that.

Want to do a PR. Is this still the use practice? Collaboration guidelines for Github projects - #6 by riban

Although that was only a proposal without any further comment, it is good practice and I would recommend following that path. Let’s take the lack of response as tacit agreement :wink:.

Ohhh! You shouldn’t be thinking like this. There are other intrepid developers that have contributed to zynthian code, and some of them have made HUGE contributions. To mention some of them:

  • Mr. @riban => He implemented the VU-meter and the sequencer from scratch. Also he re-implemented the MIDI recorder and have made lot of improvements, bug fixes, intelligent proposals, etc.

  • Mr. @mheidt => He contributed largely to the webconf, including the websocket stuff and much more!

  • Mr. @C0d3man => He implemented the native port of Dexed to LV2 that we are currently using. He also implemented the Pianoteq engine and has contributed lot of “install recipes” used by the image-building scripts. Did i ever mentioned that he is the second person that built a zynthian? ;-D

  • And many more. You can check the github commit list.