Purchase Questions

I’m considering buying a Zynthian Kit, and I have a few questions:

  • does the 275.00 € price for All Kit V3 include VAT? Is the VAT subtracted for US sales?
  • what is the shipping cost to US?

Finally, what’s the plan for a complete kit using Raspberry Pi 4?

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Various people have already ported zynth to Pi4 9 (as far as I’m aware). Obviously the current case is built around the Pi>4 so a little judicious modding would seem to be in order, going forward, Id’ be interested in heat as an issue, but personally if the Pi4 is thermally stable with an audio card strapped on it’s back, I’d certainly expect a Pi4 in a zynth case to be eminently viable.
Certainly the extra memory is a real boon, but from a software point of view the process is very much travelling down the road althou’ jenkins is still sulking on our behalf … https://jenkins.zynthian.org/

I’m just describing what I believe is out there but
Quite how long before this all hits the world is a Barcelona bound issue . . . :slight_smile:

Yes, I know the software is well on its way to Pi 4 readiness. I’m more wondering about the case (and the VAT).

With heat as an issue, I would put a stacking header between the Pi and the HiFiBerry and extend the standoffs moving it further from the pi. Then there may be room for a fan.
or perhaps a blower off to the side blowing between the pi and the HiFiBerry.

Hi @tele_player,

  1. The price is the same for everybody around the world. I don’t care about evil organizations and extortion :wink:

  2. The shipping cost to US is about 25 €. You will see the exact price during the buying process.

  3. The Pi4 aluminum case wont be ready to ship before 2020. I’m not Raspberri Pi Foundation, so you can be sure of my words: Not before 2020 :wink:


Thanks -

Interesting response to the VAT question :slight_smile:

In the UK a company doesn’t have to be VAT registered unless your turnover is over £85,000.

Yes? Did you get yours working

Not got a Pi4 yet.

My universe is built on Pi<4 boxes but I’m probably getting blessed in 2020.
I’m also interested in the Pi zero . . :smiley:

yes, you can take your time.
But I suspect a higher price 2020 :slight_smile: