Pure Data audio input

Hello everyone, I’m trying to use the voice prism patch. Downloaded it from Github. I can’t get it to work. Is there something I need to do in order to route audio to a Pd layer?
The patches that were factory installed on my Zynthian (4.1) seem to work, but they don’t require an audio input. The audio fx also are working, so there I’m sure sound is getting in an out. Just not into the PureData patch.

Hi @dhoinjo,
there is no need for installing the patch manually as the patch should be installed if your zynthian is up to date. The patch is located in the preset category “audio”.

In order to hear an output you have to

  1. provide some input audio
  2. Midi Note messages

You should then hear the input audio stream pitched to the notes of the Midi notes.

You can als try to set “level origianl” in the controller section to a higher level. You should then hear the original audio input.

I don’t understand. How do I get to this preset category “audio”? What I do now is: load a special layer (it is a Pd patch so it is supposed to be in a special layer, right?) and then I can choose between “generative” and “synths”. Either of those two banks don’t contain a preset called “audio”. I installed the latest image as far as I know.

Then you have to update your zynthian. After that you should have a “audio” seciton (next to generative and synths).

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My bad. I installed the image but didn’t realise I had to upload the latest firmware after I did that. It is there. Will try it now. Thanks for responding me!

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