Pure Data looper - Alphaloop. Anybody to adapt it to the Zynthian?


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Does it not run on the Zynthian?

Well, I think it has to be somehow corrected for proper functioning on the Zynthian. Don’t think it will work ‘‘out of the box’’.

BTW, another PD looper called Picostudio:

It would be great to see SooperLooper (or midish) alternatives until it become fully implemented in zynthians. Btw, there is LV2 Gxlivelooper among audio effects, but it is still mono unfortunately even allowing recording and playback of several loops. Mono = no use for me unfortunately :sob:… at least in live performance situations. But I trust and believe in our Creators, may perfect looper come to us all one day. Too sad I am no developer, otherwise I might try to help.


The SooperLooper is already implemented in the Zynthian as an effect, but it’s not the full music production tool as of now yet…

Yes I am aware, and waiting for the fully functional release very much. As well as for midi looper - this one will be especially useful as we now have such power :muscle: as Pi4 at our disposal :slight_smile: and it might allow you to use midi controlled effects in realtime too. The first initial steps are already done like bmp tempo change in midi recorder so we will wait and hope.

Current SooperLooper is good for practicing your sync skills too :slight_smile: