Pure data sequencer - potential crash

Hi everyone!

First off, this is my first post here. I received an official Zynthian kit a little while ago and I must commend you guys on the good work! While there are some quirks here and there, I’m very impressed with the project, especially considering it being a community effort, so thank you!

The problem: I made a really simple, monophonic step sequencer in Pure data, loaded it on the Zynth and routed its MIDI out to a different layer, which worked fine. The sequencer starts with all 16 steps inactive (except maybe one, can’t remember) but after activating more steps the notes suddenly stop playing (usually while I’m still noodling with the controls). This happens within a few minutes.
After that, the synth layer is still running and is playable from a MIDI keyboard. Deleting the pd layer and adding it again works but the same thing happens again.
The pd patch runs fine on my linux desktop routed to Reaper so I can’t see anything obviously wrong with the patch.

Thanks in advance for any help on solving this!

Hi @joel! A warm welcome to the fun of Zynthianland.

I’m sure one of our PD experts can help you but before they do, maybe you can explain why you’re not just using the built-in sequencer?

Hi riban! Thanks for your reply!

I have tried the built-in sequencer and it works quite well! I just thought it would be fun and a good learning experience in using Pure data patches with Zynthian. Also it could potentially be developed further. One idea is to build a step sequencer that will integrate with one of my hardware MIDI controllers, another possibility is to create some sort of randomized sequencer that can be used with Zynthians instrument engines. The possibilities are endless :slight_smile: