Pure Data with csound6~


For those working with Pure Data on Zynthian, just wondering if anyone has tried the using the csound6~ object from inside Pure Data yet?

Asking because this is the main reason I decided to build a Zynthian, and I’m wondering how well the CsoundAPI via Pure Data would perform on the RasPi 3 B+ (csound via command line has always been less optimal for me, with alsa midi connection setup, buffer speculations, midi CC screening, etc.)


Hi @sebiiksbcs!

I’ve not tried this object, but it should work, although perhaps you have to install csound in your zynthian before.




Csound is already installed for some reason, but you might have to install pd-csound too

I was just checking if there’s anyone out there using it already, since I’m bummed out by running csound standalone via command line, the latency is just too bad

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True, it’s installed. Some package is using it. I don’t remember exactly what package is …
An AFAIK, pd-csound is already installed too :wink: