PureData integration

I’m starting this topic because I’m really interested in his integration and the possibility that this combination of hardware and software can offer.
After learning the Zynthian workflow I thought that it can be interesting using PureData from an graphical interface like the Mod-UI connection to be able to have a graphical interface for making patches and save it in local. I think it can be possible startingX11 from ssh and using a computer just to build the pacthes.
So, it can be amazing select the patches from the zynthian hardware and load them up ready to play from the DAC Audio inteface using the encoder to control parameters in the patch.
I made it work on a Raspberry 2 with Adafruit 2.8 Display with the standard 3.5 jack connection, so I think it will not be so difficult to integrate it in the zynthian repository and workflow.
I’ve already installed pure data in my zynthian, but I’m waiting to explore and modify everything.
Anyone else interested in o already made it work?


Hi @Ramsi!

I will be pleased of helping you to integrate PureData in the Zynthian GUI. It’s a task in the TODO list and i’m only waiting for the right moment :wink:

I think that a simple integration, that allow loading PD patches from the GUI, would be a good starting point. Regarding the controllers, we can easily use MIDI CC and OSC, but we would need a way of notifying the Zynthian GUI what controllers “exports” every patch. We could “parse” the patch’s PD code, or hopefully, find a better way. Meanwhile, we could use some pre-defined MIDI CC or OSC paths.


I’ve started to set up something in my zynthian to work with puredata and seems working correctly but I need some help with.
I will explain what I’ve done with some photos to see what is happening and I think that for the future this will be an amazing features.
First of all I preferred to install vncserver on my zynthian just to start X on my IPad running VNC viewer ( after starting server on zynthian with “vncserver :1”)
Then I used my iPad to start puredata with the command line in terminal "puredata " or “pd”.
So, the first GUI is opened with the possibility
to setup the audio and midi configuration (this need some improvement because seems there is an error checking the I/O, but I think is not too difficult to resolve)
Attached some photos

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Hi @Ramsi!

Have you thought about the best way for “publishing” the CC/OSC controllers from PD, so the Zynthian GUI can connect with it? I would like the tablet not to be mandatory to use puredata in Zynthian :wink:


Of course @jofemodo, it was just a starting point to know better the workflow of zynthian and to bypass the Mac in order to work better only with ipad (touch interfaces for create patches in puredata) and Zynthian software and Raspberry hardware. My aim is to reach the same web-interface like mod-ui.
The point is that there are more way to use it and we have to select which one is more fluid, intuitive and simple.
For having PD working as out-of-the-box on Zynthian, I think that the best way is to start it like an “Engine” than you can connect to it using Wi-FI/ethernet (without internet connection) to open PD’s canvas and blank/screen or default patches already mapped with Zynthian (Hardware/Software).
I mean, when you open PD you can have
-MIDI IN/OUT to pure data patches from Ext. midi ( passing throught Midi In DIN on Zynthian, or USB ports or Wi-fi with OSC’s server)
-Midi out from PD to any of the Zynthian “Engine” (you can use PD to sequence your sounds)
-Audio out from PD to HiFi Dac converter (Jack/RCA/mini-jack out)

I’ve found an app for Iphone/Ipad (MobMuPlat) that let you setup PD’s default patches for audio/midi/networking and I’m studying the workflow just to know how can similar be used in the Zynthian/PD workflow for CC/OSC messages.

I was thinking a different approach. No PD canvas at all if you don’t want. Every parameter that you want to “play with” in the PD patch should be mapped to an OSC message or MIDI-CC. Zynthian GUI needs a way to get this mapping, so we need a way of “exporting” this info. Perhaps parsing the patch file, perhaps we could find a better way…

This approach have some advantages. From the Zynthian GUI, it will be easy to play with the parameters directly or “re-assign” to an external controller, vía MIDI-learning (yessss!! It’s almost ready!! ;-)). No need for an extra tablet to play with your patches in a live event.

Of course, opening the canvas in a remote display would be an option, but not mandatory.

Regarding the use of PD as a “sequencer” or “midi controller” … i’ve to think about it :wink:



I had the error in the top screen at one point. Through a process of elimination I traced it back to a message box with these contents:

pd dsp 1

This is very common in Miller’s example pd patches, but removing the semi-colon so that there is only one line like this fixed the problem for me.

pd dsp 1


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