Python 3 compatible version of Mididings available

Finally we have a Python 3 compatible and community maintained version of Mididings available. This is great news for people like myself who love this utility / python module to create MIDI processing scripts.
I have already filed a feature request so that this will hopefully become the default Mididings on Zynthian at one point. If you want to install it manually (at your own risk!): The simple installation instructions are in the feature request:

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This is wild! I’m trying to find information on this library and it seems like it was last updated in 2012 - am I looking in the wrong place?

@dComposer all information on the original “” website is related to the old and outdated 2012 version. The new fork can be found on GitHub: GitHub - mididings/mididings: Community maintained fork of
And the python archives are already providing the new version. “pip3 install mididings” will install the latest version. And don’t forget to install the boost dependencies boost-python-dev and boost-thread-dev before attempting to install via pip3.

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Amazing! Thank you!