Python, Kivy and ListViews... what a nightmare!


Hi @ll,

I hope to find someone who has more experience than I in Python-Kivy. I am trying to create a simple (Touch-)GUI for Zynthian, for recalling created setups on stage - no editing, only selecting some presets.

I got nearly everything running (more or less in a development stage) but I have burned lots of hours for creating selectable lists in Kivy.

Is someone around who can help? Or who knows someone who can help?

Regards, Holger

P.S.: Repo:


Really only in the negative, I gave up on kivy. It seemed like an excellent way to address several issues, multiplatform mobile being the primary concern. But It just seems to be disappearing into the past, and there seems to be virtually no interest in it amongst mobile developers, which is really sad as I
hated the idea of learning multiple languages to provide generic mobile access.
Functions that didn’t, version incompatibilities, but mostly just incomprehensible errors on what often seemed small and minor changes.
It does a lot and it’s very ambitious but I’ve recently cleaned it off one of my raspberries to build another zynthian . . .


Kivy seems to be the only solution for “easy” creating a GUI without X11… or does anyone knows another toolkit?

(I think now I understand why I prefer system programing…)


I’m answering only to quote this sentence and say… DITTO!! :smiley:


PyGame can work without X11, drawing directly to the framebuffer. Then there are several GUI widget kits that sit ontop of PyGame. Here’s a good posting about that:

I have used DavesGUI on a RaspberryPi without X11 - straight to a PiTFT screen’s framebuffer and it works well. The DavesGUI python code is relatively easy to understand and modify.

I have also played with this lightweight touchscreen GUI C library - it seems to work well, but you have to code in C (or make Python bindings)

Depends on what widgets you need…


Hi Glenn,

thanks for your hints! I also tried pgu and some others of the toolkits. The were also buggy and problemativ (for me). I will take a look at DavesGUI soon.

Regards, Holger