Python MIDI library mido


Is mido used by anybody?

It might be a one stop Python MIDI library ( there have been so many …)


Does it supports jackd? I can’t find anything about it in the documentation …


Looks like an Alsa device altho it seems to have the option for writing your own backend… :smiley:

I’ve got about 300 MIDI files and I’m trying to match them up against some kind of default multi level Zynth snapshot on Fluidsynth. To use as a band in a box accompany set up that could allow track selection, tempo, transpose and overall volume.

Mido seems like the first library I’ve find that might let me set up things like initial track volume and patch selection reasonably easily.
Most MIDI files put up on a zynth with multi layers tend to blow your ears off because they seem to default to full volume. . . . Not good with HiFiBerry Amp 2+ :=D

and I won’t even mention displaying lyrics …

Presumably aplaymidi on channel 14 doesn’t allow tempo change? Would be looking at an external source of zynth MIDI clock?


Jack is shown in this Choosing Backend doc.


Yes I’d seen that any views on rtmidi? (I loose track of the many midi implementations}