Question on MIDI recorded files [SOLVED]


Hello everybody,
I’m currently using the midi recorder with a USB key (I see in the documentation that using the SD Card is not recommended)
I’m trying to rename the files to something meaningful for me, is there a way to do it on Zynthian ?
Via the web app, I tried Library->Capture but I only see the files in the SD Card, not the USB files : am i doing something wrong ?
Is it possible to rename the files in the usb stick on a computer without breaking the system ?


Hi @MikeRodd!

What version of the Zynthian firmware are you using? It should be possible to rename files in the UI by bold pressing (press for 1s then release) with the recording selected. It should also be possible to access USB storage from webconf. I’m not at my machine now so can’t test this.

I use the v5 stable release and the standard keyboard mapping

When I look at the wiring here :

I see that the the switch-15 action (SEL/YES) has an action for the “normal” mode, corresponding to the audio file list => we can rename an audio file.
But there is no Alt Bold action corresponding to the “screen midi recorder” screen.

I tried to trace the Zynswitch action in the code but I got lost :sweat_smile:.
In any case a Bold press on SEL/YES in the midi screen display a “delete” screen (and a yes/no option) even if no action are in the wiring screen.

I’m not sure where the problem is. Should i input a bug/feature request on Github ?

Renaming midi files is not implemented in the Zynthian UI. I will do in Oram ASAP, so it will be available in the next stable version.

Please, fill a feature request, so it’s not forgotten.



Done ! :slight_smile:


OK! MIDI file renaming is implemented in Oram. Just update and test!