Question on updates and images' RCs

Hello, I usually don’t re-download and re-burn the latest images on my SD card, I just run the Update from the zynthian or the webconf.
When a new image is released, should we re-burn it or do we get the same features by just updating the software from the zynthian?

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Most of the time an update is enough.
Sometimes there are bugs, so that a new image is needed. But this is rare.
So start with an update and if you have a bug that won’t go, try a new image to start the next update cycles with.


Also beware that updates can introduce changed behaviour which you may find undesirable. If you depend on your Zynthian for performance then ensure you keep a stable image that you trust.

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Everybody should run the latest SD image. Updates are only tested on the latest SD image, so updating an older image is risky. Keep a backup …


But you mean official images and not the daily ones…

Yes, of course. I mean the latest “RC candidates”. I’m not sure if we ever will have a “final” version ;-D

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