Questions about MULTILAYER

Hi everyone!
I wanted to ask you if, with the latest software upgrade, I can use Zynthian as multi-timbral in standalone mode?
I have a hardware sequencer (Elektron Octatrack) and I would love to be able to sequence different synths (ie. leads / pads / bass / etc.), on different MIDI channels… would this be possible?

and also… do the different engines support Program Change messages?

Thank you so much!


I am not 100% sure if I got you right but however I will try :slight_smile:

If you insert an plugin (example: Linuxsampler) you first select a MIDI-Channel (from 1 to 16) on wich that plugin is listening to MIDI messages.
You can layer more than one plugin on one MIDI channel but you can also select a different channel and then each plugin is listening on its own channel.

That does not work with MOD-GUI. If you start that plugin it will always listen to all midi channels. But there are peadalboards acting like a MIDI filters allowing you to re-route MIDI inside MOD however you like.


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thanks for the reply! I’m not exactly sure what you mean with MOD-GUI…

the example you’re giving, is it in standalone mode (ie. no computer in between, straight MIDI IN from hardware) ?

to give an example: I want to send a MIDI track from my hardware sequencer to channel 1, and sequence a synth
another MIDI track to channel 2, sequencing another synth
I don’t think I would ever need to sequence more than 3, 4 synths.

on the other hand, I wish to be able to change presets (banks and programs) remotely, via MIDI

Your example totally works* and is one of the great main features of the Zynthian - and as long as I have the Zynthian always was possible.

Do you have a Zynthian (with display and everything) or are you curious about what it can do?

*About the program changes I read something somewhere here in the forums but I am not sure what was the outcome of that

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I’m just curious about it… I can’t believe there aren’t more videos online showing this…
There aren’t many multi-timbral synths around, it would be a major selling point, IMO.

any chance you could film a short video showing this feature? what are you sequencing it with? I’ll search the forums for the Program Change question…

Here you go:

(I am no native english speaker and thats a quck shot so sorry for bad quality)


that’s awesome, thanks!
I wonder which / how many synths I can run on it… for example, currently on my iPad Air 1 ( since you have one maybe you know them ) I’m running Troublemaker (303 emulation), DRC (poly analog-like synth) and Mood ( probably the most CPU consuming, mini Moog emulation), all three inside AUM mixer, going to one instance of AUFX:Push for some compression…
if I could get something that sounds as good, I would be really interested… I guess I have to check the specs for the board, and what synths run on the platform…
I would love to hear / read / see other users experiences regarding this!

Hi @lod!

Thanks for your video, man! :clap::clap::clap:
BTW, Do you know you can increase the font-size using the webconf tool? :wink: