Questions about using Linuxsampler


Some “.gig” files contain multiple “instruments”, how do I select from them?

Another question I have is about lscp files, can Zynthian work with them?


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Currently this is not supported. GIG and SFZ files must be “mono” instruments.
In the other hand, SF2 files can contain any number of instruments

BTW, if you send me some of this GIG multi-instrument file, i could add support for them.


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What would be the best platform to send? Wetransfer?
I ask because they are quite big.

Wetransfer is perfectly OK for me.


I sent you the Wetransfer link in the private chat.

I sent a .zip file containing the .gig file and the PDF describing its optional presets.

I chose this file because it is the smallest I have to make it easier to send.

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