Quick way to change or select patches mid song?

Just wondering if there is a way to change sounds/patches mid song with a one finger touch on the touch screen?
Say a “live mode” where matrix of say up to 16 “touch buttons” is displayed with sound name saved for instant recall on the fly? A range of sounds could be programmed an assigned to a button, say a piano, strings, pad ,brass, etc etc and changed with a push of a button? I haven’t seen a way to do this, but stand corrected if it’s capable of doing this…couldn’t see it though…I love this synth by the way!
Just an idea…

If you can send MIDI program change messages from your controller you can do it with subsnapshots. Zynthian UI Users Guide - ZynthianWiki

OK here is an amateur video of one instance of Linuxsampler receiving 8 program changes. I have about 800mb of samples streaming, though my playing does not demonstrate that very well he he…


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Select the sfz instrument, then hit the learn button twice and make a program change. You can also do this with a sound font in Fluidsynth.

Be careful when making program changes while holding notes or using a sustain pedal-- LinuxSampler streaming can cut out. If that happens, just remove all layers and start over. Fluidsynth does not cut out, at the expense of no controllers.

A more bulletproof method is to assign instruments on a per channel basis and NOT use program changes.

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I suppose in the circumstance that’s all right … :smiley:


The link doesn’t work for me on the iPad, but using buttons on a controller isn’t what I want to do.
Something like set lists like on the Kronos pictured…would be a very worthwhile addition.
I can’t seem to see a way to instantly change sounds with a push of a button instead of using a rotary and scrolling through menus? Am I missing something thinking that zynthian isn’t suitable as a single keyboard live performance synth that can change sounds instantly mid performance?


There are two perfomance features currently available that try to address your workflow but may not quite do what you want:

  • SubSnapShots was described above. It is a way of assigning a preset including customisation to a MIDI program change allowing selection of that preset from an external controller
  • Stage Mode will send all MIDI input to one layer which allows you to switch between different layers / instruments on your Zynthian by pressing the LAYER encoder. You can play only one instrument at a time and don’t have immediate, direct access to the selection

There may be a third option in the future when I add program change to ZynSeq. At this point you will be able to fire off a oneshot sequence which has program change and hence select instruments but this update is not scheduled in the next sprint so will not be availble in the short term.

There is a side project (currently stalled) to build a hardware button panel to do just this. @freeKey requested it for his organ style keyboard rig and I designed a simple microcontroller to do this.

VK5LA Here are 3 templates:

TouchOsc (but it only worked when I was connected to the network)
You have to admin enable TouchOsc and run the Designer app

zynthian multi.touchosc (727 Bytes)

zynthian progs.touchosc (705 Bytes)

Liine Lemur (would work with MIDI in, a Camera kit and a USB MIDI interface)

123120 zynthian slider switch.jzml (25.6 KB)

Long term plan: map Nano CC changes to Zynthian program changes. Maybe use Pure Data.

Contingency: Add buttons S1-S4.

Hope these help,

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Did you find a way to do program changes with the korg nano?